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what were everyones expectations last year before ricky left


Oct 19, 2002
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my expectations coming off a 10-6 season in 2003 were high going into last year...at least get a wild card spot...then ricky f****d us...david boston got injured...wannstedt couldnt figure out who to start at quarterback...we had a rookie offensive coordinator...our o line was worse than advertised...and once the season started guys on d started getting injured...all of those factors were the reason for last years disastrous season...but we were still competitive in every game except the mnf game against the jets...now we have saban instead of wanny...a real offensive coordinator...the best o line coach who had 5 new starters last year in san diego and 2 rookies starting (a 4th and 7th rounder)...and what players did we lose that we are going to miss besides pat surtain...maybe sammy knight...this team will contend for a playoff spot...theres no doubt in my mind!!! my whole point is that everything that could go wrong last year did and i think we made a lot of upgrades...we may have went 4-12 last year but we werent that bad...i see us going 10-6 this year and i think that is realistic...
I had expected to do even better than the previous year, and then Ricky left. I expected a little drop, but I would have never guessed 4-12. I feel stupid now, because it's obvious he was our entire offense, but I've always been stupidly optimistic about us. Now I have a reason to be optimistic every season, and I have fairly high expectations coming into this one.
Saban: Expectations lead to Frustration. We are focusing on one play at a time. You don't think about a planting a flag at the top of the mountain while your standing in base camp.
I *think* I posted the most likely result was within a range between 8-8 to 12-4 and figured 10-6 to be the most likely. The 8-8 end of the prediction was based upon the huge pressure on the team from the flame-fanning media, figuring it could cause a collapse. That was before RW left. Also, having gone through three OC's in about 4 months was a major concern.

After he left, but before the season started, I *think* I was anticipating 8-8 to 9-7. After losing Boston, it was looking like we were snake bitten. Losing TimBo and Chester comfirmed we were cursed last season.
I thought we would go deep into the playoffs..

But then when Ricky left and Boston went down, so did my expectations..
after Ricky left I thought we could go 8 and 8 and our offense woundn't be that bad because we still had Boston, Chambers, and McKnight.
I expected us to be just about the same as '03. Either miss the playoffs by a hair, or be blown out in the first round.
I thought the addition of Feeley would be a significant upgrade at the QB position, but I felt the turmoil in the offensive coaching ranks and the fact that Dave Wannabe was still the head coach would negate any advantage Feeley could bring.
The entire Wannstedt era was a black hole. A turbulent mass whose gravity (aka "sucking ability") was so great that nothing could escape. Not matter, not light,...not even hope.
10-6. I thought 9-7 or 8-8 after that. Once Boston went down I knew we were screwed. By the time it got to 0-6, I was wondering if we would even win 1 game.
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