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Which Reciever Will We Get Now?


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Apr 27, 2005
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Miami, FL
The search for a veteran wide receiver led the Bucs to Ike Hilliard, a former University of Florida standout whose eight years with the Giants were marked by a flurry of injuries and some big receptions. Hilliard is expected in Tampa today to sign a one-year contract.
-- Tampa Tribune

Now that he's not an option,what you think will happen with our WR situation?
none of them, I think we will stay with the WRs we have. Josh Davis and Luther Huggins both could make the team. I think the WRs in order are Chambers, Booker, Thompson, Davis, Gilmore, Welker
i think we will stay put we have a solid wr corps now the only addition may be david boston
Im happy we didnt get hilliard. Hes fearless and pretty sure handed but he is only healthy for 5-7 games a season it seems.
I'd like David Boston cause hes a physical freak and a damn good wr when healthy but i really like Josh Davis and think hes gonna step up big
I would like to bring in boston but if we cant i definatly think u bring in az hakim to give us another guy who can get down the field because u have 2 possesion recievers in booker and thompson
You guys are underrating Booker's speed...He is not a slot receiver. He can go downfield...Have you seen some catches he made for the Bears and even us last year..

I can only question is will to play here in Miami but not his speed.
BOSTON.....come on how many recievers can cause the mismatches he can...this guy before injury had us drooling and saying him and chambers were going to cause havoc and thus help the the running game
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