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Who will be the starters on the O Line?

Phins Phan

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Mar 21, 2002
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What is your opinion as to who will win the starting jobs on the O-line? I know it's early in camp, but I'm curious as to your opinions.

My guess:

Center - Ruddy
Guards - Nails, Searcy
Tackles - Smith, Wade

The odd man out here is Dixon. There is talk that they will
move him to tackle, but I've heard that Smith is having a good camp, and Wade is a lock at RT. And by his own admission, Dixon is still not 100%.

What do you think?

Phins Phan
I'm not sure Smith will start unless he recovers fast..I still think spriggs is better, but if spriggs don't recover he won't be able to prove it..Actually I quess I like Spriggs more..I don't think that Dixon will do as good as everyone thinks he will at Tackle..but who knows...The coaches haven't move him there yet to try..that might be saying something...Your others I may have to agree with..I read today that Searcy was hot..and nails pancaked a LB..

i also think spriggs is better than smith, but it doesn't appear that the coaches do. tony wise said smiths play in the scrimmage was "exellent". hmmmmm, kinda contrary to what everyone else thinks. i didn't think he looked as bad as most do, but he certainly wasn't exellent!

with that in mind, i would have to say............

LT: brent smith

LG: jamie nails

C: tim ruddy [could wanny suprise us and put in seth?]

RG: leon searcy [i don't think he was signed for depth]

RT: todd wade

NOTE: if searcy doesn't get a lingering injury, i think the job is his. and dave is going out of his way to praise mckinny at every given moment, which is a lot for a guy who was late getting into camp. they are usally in the doghouse for a while. however, seth looked good in the scrimmage and i won't be suprise if he starts opening day. will it happen? i wouldn't bet on it, but dave sure wanted to replace ruddy in the offseason [al be it with one of the best C's in the game].



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I with everyone thinking that Nails is going to start, I wonder if they would consider moving Dixon to center? Ruddy had a down year and they did try to replace him (draft, free agency).

Hmmm..... Just thinking.

My guess:

LT: Mark Dixon

LG: Leon Scarcy

C: Seth McKinney

RG: Jamie Nails

RT: Todd Wade

***Defense's think that our line is weak? :lol: ALL day long the line knocks the D-line on there ass and they still want more! :lol:
If the televised Tennessee scrimmage is a barometer of anyone's play, then I can't see how Smith has had an excellent camp. Kearse made him look pathetic. Granted that he does that to a lot of OL's, but I don't remember Richmond Webb getting so thoroughly schooled.
They just should have payed Webb and they wouldn't be in their current situation. I don't care how old he is he had a solid 2000 season and would have been better then last years debacle at LT (Folau Sucked) and LT wouldn't be the biggest ???? of camp this year.
Opening day i think will have
LT Smith
LG Perry
C Ruddy
RG Dixon
RT Wade

how long this will last is another question, but I expect Searcy, Spriggs, and Nails will see plenty of playing time. We won't have one of the best lines, but we will(barring injury) have the luxury off keeping our guys fresh witch will help seal games in the 4th.
"They just should have payed Webb and they wouldn't be in their current situation. "

Of course then we probably wouldn't have had Marion last year and Surtian would have been a free agent this year if we had spent the cash on Webb. Gee I saw Jason Fabini get toasted by a second string DE last night but I don't see anyone calling for his benching.
No change in the lineup on opening day if they're healthy. From left to right on the OL

Chris Chambers
Brent Smith
Mark Dixon
Tim Ruddy
Todd Perry
Todd Wade
Orande Gadsen
Alonzo Mayes
My hope is that they pick 5 guys and stick with them. The offensive line needs to play together in order to gell, and rotating offensive linemen only makes things worse. Remember when the Dolphins rotated Donnalley and Gogan. What a fiasco that was...

So lets look at these positions in more detail:


Ruddy will start. He is the veteran, and unless Seth blows away the coaches, that position will belong to Ruddy. I think this time next year will be a different story. I'd be surprised if Seth was not the starter next year.

Left Guard:

Nails is looking awesome. We need him to open holes for Ricky. I think he should be a lock to start. Todd Perry is an average guard and no more. He was a downgrade from Donnalley.

Right Guard:

Searcy was a pro bowl offensive lineman. His skills are still there. If he can stay healthy, then I think he is also a lock to start. I agree that Searcy was not brought in here to be a backup.

Right Tackle:

Wade. Any questions?

Left Tackle:

Here is where it gets interesting. No way should they move Dixon to tackle. Leave him at guard. He adds depth at that position. That leaves Smith and Marcus Spriggs. My guess is that it will be Smith, but I would not mind having Spriggs in there.

Phins Phan
I think they want to pick those 5 guys and will do so next week after the scrimmages and game against TB.
Now this is really a switch...Nails smaller than somebody:

Defensive tackle Larry Chester and offensive lineman Jamie Nails both ''weighed'' in to help donate Campbell's Soup to the Daily Bread Food Bank. Their weight was measured in cases of Chunky Soup. Chester weighed in at 30 cases and Nails was 28. With the weights of media members and kicker Olindo Mare, the Dolphins helped bring the donation to more than 10,000 cans.

That definetly couldn't have been the "case" no punt intended, last year.
Nails continue to impress..He's now splitting time with starter Dixon on the 1st team..

Guard Jamie Nails continued his solid work with another crushing block, this time getting backup defensive tackle Henry Taylor in the morning practice. He did a good job throughout practice as he split time with Mark Dixon in working with the first team.

This is from Thursday's TC report..

Nails seems to be the real deal..
Timetable set -

"``The next two weeks will be the time we do some juggling and look at different guys,'' Wannstedt said. ``Once we get into that third preseason game, we're ready for the season.''

For some players, this weekend's workout against the Bucs could be pivotal -- more than in the game Monday.

``The work against Tampa is huge,'' Dixon said. ``That's probably where a lot of the evaluations and adjustments will be made. The first preseason game, both teams line up out there like wooden Indians, and it's really hard to get a read.''
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