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Who's the best team in the NFL


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Sep 2, 2001
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As of right now, heading into the regular season, who do you think is the best?

I have to pick the Raiders. Upgraded D, Great offense, just a well balanced team.
No way

Too old, very overrated.

Rice isn't going to do anything, that D isn't THAT good.
10-6 team behind the Broncos in the AFC West.
Titans all the way. Upgraded Defense AND Offense. Plus, special teams looks good as well. Looking for a great Superbowl run this year. But i will admitt. The Broncos look like the team the Titans will race for home field advantage. We'll need it. Griese looks DANGEROUS!
good question

If the Fins do well in the first 4 games, look at them being high contenders for the best team this year.

As of now, probably looking at the Raiders or the Titans.
I would love to say the Dolphins but I think its the Buccaneers as long as Brad Johnson plays up to par.
Minnesota looks awfully good this year and are early favorites for the Super Bowl already...Then again I like the Raiders as a possible one to take it all. Dolphins surprised me last year:eek:..I didn't think we were going to do that good so we will see about this year.
Minnesota O looks awfully good. Its still the same ol D minus Randle & Rudd. They just dont have the D to get it done.
If I try to be objective about it, i.e. not say the Fins ;) - I have to go with the Titans in AFC and Rams in NFC. Overrall, I expect the Rams D to be good enough ag. the level of opponent they play for them to look like the best team this year - except, of course, when the Fins visit St. Louie :D
So far whose the best team in the NFL?? THE DOLPHINS of course, who had any doubts?? Not me :D
i have to agree, now!

since the score was no indication of how badly the fins kicked butt, and george didn't get squat against the D. i'd definately put the dolphins in first place. the raiders are too long in the tooth to be considered! :D
you would have to think the broncos, ravens, and maybe the titans if they get back on track, like last year. in the nfc-bucs will be tough, vikings are potent, rams are potent (depending on warner not dying this year)

afc-dolphins (a no brainer)
nfc- close, but ill go with the bucs
The Rams

Guess the Rams answered that ?
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