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why do we not get recognition?


Jun 17, 2005
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Destin, FL
i am not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but total access has had almost every other team on their team cam. the only thing we have had is hot sexy and big boobed cheerleaders. thats cool and all but, i want some players interviewed. they must think we are goin to be nothing again this year. we have a lot to prove and i think we will prove it within the first 6 weeks.
What would they talk to the players about?
They have chad Johnson on all the time because he's funny and he had that golf tournament, Donovan McNabb was on because he had that football camp for kids, they even have that Joe Harrigan guy on because the Hall of Fame inductions are coming up.
What would the Dolphins talk about? "Our new coach is great, but I've already said too much." or "We're better than 4-12". Not exactly bringing the ratings up.
I agree, we are not really spoken of when people talk about the AFC East. I think people don't want to get caught sticking their foot in their mouth. I just don't see us being THAT bad. I mean biggest question mark AGAIN is QB and O-Line BUT now we have secondary as well????? Could be an interesting season.
Another reason is maybe none of your players want to go on. If you notice the guys who are on the most are the ones that like being in the spotlight and running the mouths Chad Johnson, Kris Jenkins, Warren Sapp......ect.
Yeah, maybe the Nicktator won't let them?
Most commentators and sports writers take the safe way out.They use last years results as a basis for predicting this years results.

We will have to earn back the respect we want.
its not like warren sapp was on a winning team either last year but he is a guy who likes to talk a lot
It should be obvious that there are media controls in place

One of the reasons you probably see more Patriots on is that Bill has publically stated he would loosen a bit with the media. I am sure there may be some pressure by the League office to be a bit accessible due to the Super Bowl win.

In Miami there is not pressure for media coverage beyond the local media. I have to believe that Saban has exercised control over interviews, because it is too obvious that they do not have players interviewed. (on Total Access; by Total Access Staff)

Not all the players that are interviewed on Total Access are media hungry. I would disagree with that assumption in an earlier thread.


p.s., It has been rumored that Total Access has been ticked off at the Dolphin organization for lack of access, but have read no concrete evidence of that.
It's as simple as this... we will not get the recognition we deserve until we start winning games. Until we show them otherwise, we're just a 4-12 in their eyes but we will prove them wrong. This season we will starting getting some recognition and we will start winning games. I feel that we are headed in the right direction.
Who cares?!?! Total Access is just all fluff and filler during the offseason anyway. Once training camp gets here, then I`ll start paying attention to what and who are being talked about on that show.
You are generally right

Goin` Deep said:
Who cares?!?! Total Access is just all fluff and filler during the offseason anyway. Once training camp gets here, then I`ll start paying attention to what and who are being talked about on that show.

It is kind of like a league sanctioned media source. I have always thought that. Sort of a media blitz to wet fan whistles.

all of you make some very good points. and i could definately see nfl network being pissed at the phins organization because of sabans media policy. but what about randy and his mouth. you would figured they would want to know how linehans office is doing. then interview chambers. or how ronnie brown doin in the offense, is he fitting in or not. how is jt liking his new roll in this defense. what do we expect to see. all these are questions that could be asked. adam schefter already said that cadillac will start in tampa and will be the rookie of the year. they had a big post on him. i am just mad that we are not the getting the respect we deserve.
Let them. I'm so pumped for this season, not because I think we'll win the Super Bowl (because I don't) but I think we'll battle it out for 2nd in the division with the Bills. I told my friend that last night and he laughed at me and said with that kind of thinking he's looking forward to beating me in our football pool. Both "expert" magazines he bought predicted another 4-12 season for the Fins. :shakeno:
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but the truth is really the opposite. It was YOU who spent the time making and coming here with it. You have US on the brain. Be afraid, be very afraid. Thanks tho, :goof: I laughed out loud, it's good.

I believe we will earn the proper recognition starting this season, I've had my fill of the improper kind. I hope we can make them regret we are not on prime time tv. :cool:
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