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Why is Draper still on the team?

No argument here. I can't see this one, although, I am HOPING that this is just a temporary thing, as soon as we sign a guy or two, he will be outta here.
teams never keep 3 FBs and Draper is our 3rd TE since Perry is really not a TE from a depth chart perpective. Draper was also a draft pick and is surely making less than Femi.
Just look at it this way.

Say we're on the goal line against Detroit. Jed Weaver's knee is really acting up (which it already is). We need three TEs in the game. Dyer's in the backfield. McMichael makes one TE. Mark Dixon (or another OT) could make two. Who is the third TE?? 230 lb Femi?? Or 285 lb blocker Draper??

That said, when Weaver gets healthy....Draper could be gone IMO.
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The reason Draper made the squad must be Weaver hurting.

didnt draper make a nice catch down the middle once in practice and Norv and Wanny salivated cus they thought this kid had some speed for his size? hmmmmmmmmmm.
Ditto what 52 said, I read an article in the Sentinal or Herald (I can't remember which one now) that said he's basically on the team until the 'Fins pick up someone better or until Weaver is healthy. He's a temporary fix unless something happens to make him a permanent one.
femi being cut will come back to haunt them....... Why is everyone forgeting Konrad has NEVER stayed healthy...... norv's system fits femi to perfection and he was hustling on special teams...

must be that you just don't keep 3 fullbacks. ever and that was a good point by muck (as usual) that goal line beef

since draper was originally drafted 2 years ago as a lineman. hey maybe they figure the kid could also play lineman in an emergency and with this team that could happen
brandon winey just signed with the phins........

What? Really, I can't believe we brought back that non hustling piece of ****.
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What? Really, I can't believe we brought back that non hustling piece of ****.
he was :jk:
Read the bottom of Zsonk's message
Not to worry!

He's holding a spot for what ever veteran we sign.
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