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Will you buy 1st round pick's jersey?

Will you buy the 1st round pick's jersey?

  • Yes

    Votes: 28 39.4%
  • No

    Votes: 12 16.9%
  • Unsure

    Votes: 31 43.7%

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Just curious to see how many people out there are planning on purchasing a jersey of our 1st round draft pick? I decided months ago that I would buy the jersey(Skill positions, no OL) just because two of my jerseys became useless late last July and I need to get one that I am proud to wear. So, any other potential buyers?

Unless its a running back *Cough Benson Cough* I wont be buying a jersey. Possibly DJ if we draft in the latter first if we drop down with Minny. So who knows..possibly 2 jerseys this year if things work out amazing.
Not if we trade the player the same day(elway, Eli) or if its Benson or someone I am not fond of.
I'm planning on it... my last name is Smith, so I think I'll look good in a orange 11 Smith jersey. :)
The Jersey handed to our pick will be the jersey worn by that player.

Braylon Edwards, #1
I think the orange jersey's are pimped. I may get it in white though

It matches more stuff. But i'll get a jersey if its a RB... Preferbly benson

But if its edwards, like i said in a eariler post. Im hanging myself in my closet..lol
I'm going to get one. I'll get white as I have an Aqua Thomas 54 and an Orange Taylor 99.

Nothing against Mike and Cadillac but it will bug me if it says Williams.
It will bug me if it says anything other than benson, or brown.....
Phinsdude said:
The Jersey handed to our pick will be the jersey worn by that player.

Braylon Edwards, #1

Is he planning a switch to kicker or punter? :confused:

For me, it depends on who the player is. I really need to buy a jersey, but I may have spent that disposable income on race tickets...
i dunno, i havent had much luck with buying phins stuff like that. i bought an autographed Ricky Williams helmet off Ebay and got it about a week before he retired. I was PISSED!
I just got a Orange Zach Thomas jersey and it's awesome. I'm hoping to buy a Brown jersey :wink:
Dont feel bad, i bought a musin muhammid jersey. and it got here 1 day before he got traded to chiciago..lol
I only have one jersey that I can use after this month. I have an orange Surtain jersey (sweet!!) and a white Z Thomas Jersey (also sweet!!). I have an aqua Fiedler jersey (I know, but it was a gift...). Basically I'm down to one white jersey. I'll probably buy my fiance and me an orange Taylo 99 jersey and probably get myself a white Smith/Brown/Benson/?? jersey. It's hard to tell with rookies though, I would much rather buy it AFTER I know they'll be getting some serious pt, I'ld hate to spend $80 on a player who turns into a bust...
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