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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
This time of the year every one is usually optomistic about the upcomming season, but who do you guy think will be the worst 5 teams in the nfl this season(Texans don't count.)

1. Panthers-Don't have a QB, don't have a Oline, don't have a secondary,don't have much hope.

2. Ravens-Lost more quality players than most teams have. Don't have a qb, don't have any wrs to throw to if they did, there d is still above average but far from great.

3. Lions-2 up and comming qbs, but neither of them are ready to play in the nfl consistently. Doubt they will be able to run the ball or stop the run either.

4.Saints-Lost RW! Thank god. Arron Brooks is overated o-line is suspect besides Turley. They also lost their best defender in Glover.

5.Cheifs-No way does Holmes come any where near the top of the NFL runners again. Can't run Vermeil's offense with no WRs, and their suspect D suffers more than anyone from this.

I don't know how far, but the Bengals are off this list. They have a good running game, and a very good emerging D. To bad they have to pass the ball sometimes.
Well you had a major oversight, don't know if it was intentional or not, but Houston will be horrible next year. Every expansion team is brutal, and until one proves me wrong, I will continue to ignore them!(Ed. just re-read your post, saw the Texans don't count....my bad)


That's my prediction for next season's draft.
Jacksonvile was my 6th team. I figure Brunell is still good for atleast 5 wins. They are a disgrace to football. Why is it the 49ers, Bills, and Cowboys had cap issues just like the Jags, but after 2 seasons are back in the game? I think they should kick the Jags out and give LA a team.
i dont think the chiefs will be bad at all next year. they may get a bad record but that will be more cuz of theyre division.
I think KC will be much improved. their WRs should be better this year as well, Johnniee Morton is very underrated, and Sly Morris is back. Their D should be much improved, well, at least the run D.

StanMarino, i just sent you a PM....
1. Carolina- Needs no explanation
2. Giants- Here's a team with some serious depth issues and they hate eachother before preseason has even begun!
3. Bungles- Until that team is owned by someone else they're going to continue to suck.
4. Houston- They're new, Boselli's injured (as usual) and they're playing in a rough division with Indy and Tennessee.
5. Jacksonville, Dallas, and Arizona all tie for this last spot. They're all equally as bad, but for different reasons.
I will do the worst teams of all time!

#1 worst team: 2002 Buffalo Bills
2: 2001 Buffalo Bills
3: 2000 Buffalo Bills
4: 1999 Buffalo Bills
5: 1998 Buffalo Bills

:monkey: insert bills fan here
not including Houston

  • Jax
  • Carolina
  • Detroit
  • Giants
  • Ravens
1- Carolina... Sounds like the ultimate choice...

2- Detroit... Their season will be a long one & will be over after week 1:D

3- Jacksonville... This team should have fired Coughlin. He has no confidence at all with Brunell.

4- Houston... No chemestry & no offense (rookie QB in Carr, so-so RB in Allen, not much at WR)

5- Minnesota... Moss is like Anakin Skywalker of SW!!! Arrogant, overconfident and must have a mentor to do the jobs... Carter is gone so by week 8, Moss will begin crying...wanting the ball thrown his way because he's double & triple team....
My worst five (in order):

1. Carolina (duh)
2. Houston (its more of a chemistry thing, they have some good talent)
3. NY Giants (man, they are bad)
4. Jacksonville (just bad lol)
5. Baltimore (almost everyone is gone)
Bills (Duh)
Jets ( No D)
Pats ( No QB, AS is a one night stand, TB is old, No secondary)
Ravs ( No team whatsoever)
Panthers ( Duh, but have a better chance than bills, lol)
5 losers

Houston - obviously
Carolina - Weinke's their QB and Cousin is their best DB
Baltimore - ugly offense
Detroit - can't run or stop the run
Jacksonville - injury prone stars + no depth = long season

Honorable mention

Arizona. They're not a bad team but they don't have the defense to compete with their new division rivals.
Giants - maybe the worst O-line in the league, plus a lot of internal bickering.

New Orleans - Lost a ton in free agency, and nobody seems to like the head coach.
1. Houston
2. Carolina
3. Detroit
4. Baltimore
5. Jacksonville

Notice, Bobby Humphrey and Dol_Fan5434, I as a Bills fan did not feel the necessity to name Miami on this list of worst teams. Instead I posted an objective list. I don't mind that you feel that way though. It will make it that much sweeter when I come back and post after Buffalo embarrasses Miami in both games this year.

TigerJ, I share your frustration for subjective posts like that. I do not think Buffalo will be a bottom feeder, but I do think they will be middle of the pack this season, with the playoffs season if they have a successful offseason following next year. With that said...

1. Carolina(no explanation needed)
2. Jacksonville(if Fred Taylor remains injured, they are a different team with him in the line up)
3. Minnesota( Moss wil be couble and/or triple teamed, no other serious weapons besides Daunte)
4. Atlanta(Whichever WR they pick up after June 1st wil help, but not enough)
5. Detroit(will be improved, but not by much)
Randy Moss is in no way overconfident, hye is the best pure all-aorund WR in the league. He has only 1 weakness, his attitude, but that will change over time. Barring injury he will shatter every record Jerry Rice, and or Cris Carter owns. Wait and see
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