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Would anybody be mad?


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Mar 22, 2005
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Would anybody be mad whoever we draft? I'm not talking about Maurice Clarett at the 2nd pick, I mean any of the top prospects in the draft. The only player I really don't want on the 'Phins is Benson but if we do draft him he will be my new favorite running back just because he is a Dolphin. Any other player to me would be an alright pick with me IMO QB isn't a huge need, but I have been impressed with Smith and Rodgers. My hope is Edwards because he is an athletic freak with speed, size and hands, just a little bit inconsistent. I have heard (Dont know the guy, this isnt my opinion) he is the cleanest player in the draft meaning he has no off the field issues, not sure just heard it from Kiper. He also said he is probably the most ready to play. But the point is whoever we pick isn't up to me but I would be happy with whoever we pick or trade down. JMO and asking for yours, is there a highly touted prospect that you absolutely don't want on the Dolphins?
I will be mad if we draft a defensive player because our offense sucks so badly.
I don't want either QB. I don't think either one of them will be a great QB.
I would be mad if we picked a defensive player, except mabey Antrell Rolle, or if we picked either QB's. (Although whoever we pick will be one of my new favorite players.)
I won't be mad but disappointed if we take Edwards, I've never liked him and think he's got the biggest possiblity to be a bust. Of course with most every "draft guru" calling him the best prospect...if he's drafted in in the top 3 his hype may turn him into a bust no matter how he does. Unless he becomes the Lebron of the NFL...a guy who actually lived up to the hype.
I would be mad if we reached for a player that no one thinks we are considering like a DE. I would prefer us not to draft Benson, M Williams, or Johnson, but I don't know how mad I would be.
I think we may really have to take a look at Rolle if we trade down I doubt with the #2 pick. BTW I agree we shouldn't draft a QB.
I would be mad at first if we got Smith, and I wouldn't like us getting Rogers much either. As someone said, reaching for a DE would upset me. Anyone else on offense would be great, or even Johnson or Rolle I could be at least okay with.
I'll be mad if we don't get Ronnie Brown.
I won't be mad about anybody, but I just won't be REALLY REALLY excited about Benson like I will be about just about any of the other big names. He to me represents a brand of football that I want to be in the past. I know its stupid, but that's just the way I feel about it. I'd be thrilled with Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers, Ronnie Brown, Carnell Williams, Braylon Edwards, or Mike Williams. I'd become a Benson fan, but it just wouldn't be thrilling as those other guys.
As I've said, I'll be happy with any of the big 7: Smith, Rodgers, Edwards, Cadillac, Mike Williams, Benson or Brown.
I dont want Benson. As Minnphin said, that brand of football is gone and I think he has some questions about character. Not saying anything against him as a player, but he does have some questions. I dont want defense with the first pick or a QB. I could live with taking a QB but damn I'd have to revisit that whole "Gave up a No. 2 for nothing" nonsense which I'm finally over.

I'd be happy with any of the following: Edwards, Cadillac, H2, Mike Williams. All three would make an immediate impact.
I have my opinions on who I'd take, but Nick Saban's studied these players far more than I have. I'll trust his judgment on talent till he gives me a reason not to.
Remember how mad Philly fans were when they took McNabb ahead of Ricky? We are in a similar situation now. We have needs at both positions. Most view the RBs as higher rated prospects than the QBs...as in 1999 when Ricky was clearly a higher rated prospect than McNabb.

Where would Philly be today if they listened to their fans? They would be an absolute mess.

McNabb was rated no higher in 1999 than Rodgers or Smith are rated today. Even if you feel Brown is the higher rated prospect, you have to factor age and the position played when considering overall value. RBs just do not hold much value at the top of the draft. They haven't for over a decade and this has not been due to chance. It's been by design.

If we do not go with a QB and he develops into an excellent player, we will regret it for many years. This will be so even if our RB develops into a solid or excellent player.
thepoolboy said:
If we do not go with a QB and he develops into an excellent player, we will regret it for many years. This will be so even if our RB develops into a solid or excellent player.

Good point...never really thought about it like that. If we pass on whichever QB is left and he becomes great, we will forever be saying "what if?" However, if we go QB over RB that probably won't be the case because we'll probably be able to find a good back somewhere else. I've been leaning more and more towards a QB at number one personally. The only way I'd rather go WR or RB is if we end up with McPherson. Maybe Frye or Campbell would be alright too.
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