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Would NE have won the division ?

Would NE have won the division w/Drew ?

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R yew aye dewd inn drag? Eye thinke sew. Eye gess thiz iz thee onlee waye yew kin tawk sew iye whill dew mye bestest tew keap itt awn yore leval.:goof:
Know, eye'm knot mayking fun uf yew, butt put yore brayne back inn yore hay-ed an mayebee yew couldd speyell bettur.:cool:

As a patriots fan I can say that a few statements are quite incorrect.

Drew gets hurt a lot - absolutely not true.. Fiedler would've been starting in last years XFL has he been behind the OL Drew had been for the previous couple years...

throws too many interceptions = he DID in the past when he was forced to make things happen with no OL protection and zero running attack since Curtis Martin betrayed Patriot Nation.

With a gelled OL, a functional defensive attack and Antowain smith, Drew could've easily won more games than Brady.

BTW, Drew is a helluva more valuable than Jay Fiedler, not to mention better...

Remember round 1 of the 97 playoffs vs you guys? Enough Said.

I'm here for intelligent conversation only... not a smack session...

I think the pats would have done better with bledsoe. Hes better than Brady. The keys were the running game and defense...
my point was that the Pats would have thrown the ball more when obviously they are a better ball control team than passing team had Drew been QB. So you cannot just plug Drew into the O that the Pats have now since if Drew never got hurt the O would be different. BTW - Belechek deserves AFC coach of the year if there is such an award.
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
I would take Bledsoe over Fiedler anyday, but Brady has been the key to the Patriots success.
I would take Drew at Jay salary ;) :rolleyes: , but Antwoin Smith has done for the Pats what Lamar did for us last year - keep their D off the field. And their D changed mid-year and has been able to stop the run. Brady is just another guy smart enough to listen to the coaches and not try to do too much, like Dilfer and sometime like Jay
it takes a lot of guts to keep a guy like Bledsoe on the bench even when he is healthy.

Holmgren could learn a lesson from Bill. :D
Ethand is my Patriots friend :) He is very intelligent and cool. Oh, and he also wanted me to say that he is classy too. :D :lol:

Thanks for posting! :D
for a second I thought it as this 10 year old kid - whose parents I know named Ethan - who loves talking Pat vs Fin smack w/me and is incredibly smart and knowledable about footall for a 10 yard old - just like I was. :o
I didn't want anyone to think he was a Bills fan starting crap. :D He really is cool! :D
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