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WQAM announces the 53 dolphins .......


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Aug 30, 2002
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feidler,lucas and roson sage treee

mare and tupa-just kidding royals

mcmicheal, weaver and long snapper perry

ricky,edwards, minor

konrad, femi and dyer.

chamber,mknight,orande,ward, albertaville.

dixon,nails,ruddy,perry , wade , spriggs, andrew,mkinney,GERMAN

bowens, bowens,taylor,ogy,chester,williams,burnett,haley,GRANT

madison,fletcher,surtain, GREEN

zach,rogers the jail bird, greeny,russel, gaylon,hendricks


and number 53 is: MOORE, OgDEN, LOWE, DONALDSON

MOORE is my choice at numer 53
we can refer to this late when i am almost exactly right.

that last pick is rough and he will get cut next week anyway when they pick up a DB.

so they could keep searcy for a few more days till they get an injury settlement finalized.....
wow this place is full. we could make our own flag football team... i wonder if any of you guys are in shape or couch potatoes only.... i am 41 and work out constantly. still play flag football with college kids at western carolina u. working on my masters their for fun. and i can then use the facilities of course.

I hope the phins have their best year in a long time and go dancing in feb.
ogy is ogeyonlue or how ever you spell it and femi the fullback i can't spell either. i guess i could look it up since

HE WILL BE THE SACK MONSTER THIS YEAR like he was in college.
How are you hearing WQAM?? I can't listen online because the Marlins are playing and MLB is blacking it out. So I can't get past the intro.
I'm listening to qam right now, the marlins game, and did not hear this "announcement". Where did you hear this Zonk?

WQAM has a baseball game on right now. They haven't announced squat. If they did they would announce who was cutn not take the time to announce the entire roster.
Do we have an imposter in our mist..the official site of miami hasn't posted this yet?? ususal because they're one of the first
I AM FULL OF $HIT>>>>>>>>>

just my predictions and i am bored waiting to here how far off i am .........
I'm kinda pissed actually. Its been a full hour and they know precisely who they cut and who they did not and nobody is saying squat. They should have announced it on the website immediately at 4pm.
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