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"Yes" to Jay, "No" to Ricky


Jan 24, 2002
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Sussex, N.B. Canada
While I expect to hear many a "Jay basher" comments mixed in with "Ricky for the HOF" I must say as a Fin fan we should keep Fiedler and allow someone else (Cleveland?) win the Ricky Williams sweepstakes.

I should start by saying, I neither love nor dispise Jay Fiedler, I just happen to think that he's the best man for the job at this point in time. He should be allowed to continue his maturation as a starting NFL quarterback as a Miami Dolphin. One in which saw him post 13 TD passes against 4 Int's in the regular season's last 7 games. He should be allowed to do so in a Norv Turner offense with an improved OL and revamped running game. Then and only then can we better judge how far Fiedler can lead us.

Enter Ricky Williams.

Most Dolphin fans, myself included, are drooling over the idea of the "dreaded-one" wearing aqua and orange. Problem is, the price will almost certainly be too high as New Orleans will likely want a 1st and a 3rd (to start) for his services. That price only goes up as more teams, like the Browns, enter the scene as expected.

My personal belief is Miami would be better off drafting a OT-RB tandem with their first two picks (a 1st and a 3rd rounder) in Levi Jones (OT) and Jonathon Wells (RB) or a RB-OG tandem in T.J. Duckett (RB) and Martin Bibla (OG). That coupled with a veteran free agent signing for both positions would go a long way in fixing Miami's pathetic running game, even more than the aquisition of the enigmatic one from the French Quarter........
ricky might be a godsend............

for the running game, but i would not be real disappointed if we didn't get him. i don't think lamar is washed up and with minor behind him, with a decent line, i think the running game will improve, also making the passing game better! after 2 years, you can usually tell how good a QB is, but fiedler is still an unknown quantity. i don't really know what the guy can or can't do!:rolleyes:
I hate losing draft picks for any one player. When you give away multiple draft choices, your giving up the possibility of selecting two or more future stars in the NFL.

What if we had traded our 5th round pick in 1996? What if we did the same with our second pick in 97? Our third the same year?

To not have a Jason Taylor, a Sam Madison, or a Zach Thomas, just to pick up a head case RB with a history of injury problems makes no sense to me.
I hope all of our QB's in camp this year have an equal shot at being the starter. I also think that with Norv coming in, he will throughly evaluate all the offensive players, and form his own opinion on who should start.

If Cade outplays Jay and Ray, let him start. Same for Lucas, and same for Fiedler (should he re-sign).

May the best player play.
I think that we are talking about a win now or win later scenario.
Trade a 1st and 3rd for RW, address the O-line with a couple of free agents and all of a sudden, we have a bonafide power running game, but we may have sacrificed our future. With this situation there are a lot less question marks. RW is a proven power runner and with proper talent evaluation we will end up with linemen who can actually play NEXT season.
The alternative is to spend our first and third in the draft crap shoot. For every Sam Madison, Zach Thomas, or Jason Taylor we get three JJ Johnsons or Ben Kellys or Rick Crowells. Even if we do get some good players, like Dajesus has said before, linemen don't usually have any impact their first season in the NFL. Todd Wade was an anomaly. We still wouldn't be any better next season and there are no garuntees that we WOULD get any better.
I say take the proven talent and go with plan A before the window of opportunity for THIS Dolphin team closes.
It's all if's Darin. What if we give up the first and third, and then Ricky goes down to injury in the pre season? Last year was his only year to remain healthy for the entire season, and he still only put up 1200 yards. Lamar almost hit 1200 in 2000.

I am not trying to argue with you, and I understand that we have made some stinker picks in the draft, but we have a cap problem. Even with some serious restructuring, it is still going to be tight. Spending money in the FA market is going to be tough, because we have some of our own FA's to re-sign.

The draft would allow us to either trade out of round one, for a two and an extra three. That would get us three picks in day one, and you could pick up two guards, and a RB.

I see your point though.
fact is Ricky will be only be 25 and is proven to be a workhorse back when healthy, while we have wasted so many top picks on RB that is almost sure thing that any back we pick will be a JJJ or Avery. And how many decent OL have we taken other than Wade since Webb and Simms :eek:

But I see your point though. how's that for diplomacy ;)
Tomayto, tomahto.
Obviously there are risks and rewards both ways, but RW is ayoung man who is just reaching his prime and providing he stays injury free( you could put that statement after ANYBODY's name) he should be one of the premier running backs in the league for years to come. I still think it is worth the risk, for the possible reward.
I wouldn't be horribly upset if we went the other way though.
I thought Dave and Co. had been doing a pretty good job picking in the draft. Wade, Fletcher(who we still need to see play), Chambers, Minor, Greenwood...not to bad.

However, I will concede this point to you guys. RW would be a great back, if he stays healthy, and stops dropping the ball.
Interesting Fiedler Speculation

I've been trying to relocate this little gem of Fiedler speculation for some time:

Pasquarelli: Fiedler on the move?

Fiedler has a career passer rating of 77.7.
There are rumblings that new Redskins coach Steve Spurrier could have some interest in Dolphins incumbent quarterback Jay Fiedler. It seems that Spurrier coached Fiedler in a college all-star game and feels he possesses the mental acumen, and also the thick skin, required of his quarterbacks. Miami officials want Fiedler back in 2002 and, toward that end, have begun discussions with agent Brian Levy. There is, however, a price beyond which the Dolphins won't go to keep the inconsistent Fiedler, and that "drop-dead point" might not approach the $5 million per year Fiedler and Levy are said to be seeking.

Courtesy of : http://football.espn.go.com/nfl/clubhouse?team=mia
This is a great topic....

RW is the back any team would love to have in their backfield. A power back who posted 1200 yds and haven't reached his prime yet. Now a first and third rd. doesn't sound too bad for a back of that caliber, but the Fins have to consider if the first and third picks are for this year's draft or is it this year's first and next year's third. Also, we should wait until we find out what compensation picks we are receiving. That will determine our strategy in the draft.

I truly believe two of the top four RBs in the draft will be available at the 25th pick. Willie Green of BC will be gone, but Foster, Duckett and Portis might fall there and I would be satisfied with any of these three.

I don't think we should worry about a OL in the first rd because we have Brent Smith and Marcus Spriggs back healthy right now. I think we can get a FA guard at a good price, then draft OL in the third or fourth rd. to develop behind our FA veteran. We should draft a RB in the first (unless we took care of this matter via FA) then we go after a DL or OL in the first.

Now if we don't get RW or Fred Taylor how about (I mention this before everyone:) ) MICHAEL PITTMAN. I'm telling you, this guy can do the job and for less money. He is an every down back with very good speed and hits the holes very hard. Plus he has good hands as a receiver. If we don't get Ricky or Fred, I think the Fins should target this guy.

Better yet, IF we did get PITTMAN, Taylor or RW, then I think we should trade down for more picks ( a second, and another pick) to draft OL, DL etc.

Sorry about the long-winded post but what is everyone's thought on this. ;)
i don't think 1200 yds means squat!

this 1000 yd standard was set up when the teams played 12 games, now a runningback has 4 more games to get it. 1200 yds, is only a 75 yd per game avg. i think the total/run is something you should go by, and even then its not conclusive, especially when you have a O-line like we had this year. having an offensive minded OC would help too!:rolleyes:
Ricky will want a new deal..........

........almost immediately. Should we land him, and it'll cost us this years #1 and #3 minimum, he'll want to rework his deal. If not right away then certainly after next season.

I'd almost rather use our 3rd rounder to trade up in front of Atlanta or Cleveland on draft day to land William Green. Duckett would be my 2nd choice assuming he's more like Bettis and less like Dayne. Portis is not an option, sorry Cane fans. He's 5'-11", 192 lbs and runs a 4.52/40. Sounds like a slower version of Travis Minor to me although I understand he's considerably more gifted as a runner. Our staring RB, whomever he will be, will be a minimum 215 lbs.........guarnteed. Turner and Wannestadt will not be turning the keys over to the running game to anyone who's not ready for full time 20-25 carries/game.

I've heard that saying about 1200 yds isn't squat from other people before, but I have to differ from your opinion at this time.

1000 yds. isn't squat anymore. It use to be a big deal before the season went to 16 games. But 1200 yds is a good standard at this time. There are only 9 backs other than RW who rushed for 1200 yds last season. Of the top 25 backs in the NFL the average for total yds rushing is 1093 yds.

Of course the OL is largely responsible for a RB's success. But, Ricky also made a statement that "a great running back can make an OL look good too, by making a hole that isn't there or taking a hole before it closes up, that's the difference between a good RB and a great one. " Well said Ricky, Well said ;) .
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