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daniel thomas

  1. N

    Is Daniel Thomas improving as a running back?

    Daniel Thomas.. - 2011: 3.5 yds/carry - 2012: 3.6 yds/carry - 2013: 3.7 yds/carry - 2014: 4.0 yds/carry http://www.nfl.com/player/danielthomas/2495241/profile
  2. N

    Dolphins are better simply cause Ireland, Sherman, Daniel Thomas, Egnew are all gone

    A great deal of dead weight has been removed from the team, and we can now have a fresh start.
  3. N

    Legadu Naanee, Daniel Thomas, Rishard Matthews, etc

    Some changes needed: - Cut Legadu Naanee. Add Jabar Gaffney or Donte Stallworth. - Cut Daniel Thomas. Add Steve Slaton. - Demote Anthony Armstrong to inactive. Promote Rishard Matthews to active.
  4. Da GODfather

    What is to become of Daniel Thomas?

    With Reggie Bush running the way he did last season and the edition of Lamar Miller, what do you guys think will happen with Daniel Thomas? Me personally, I think that if he stays healthy, can be a REALLY good running back. In the limited time he did see action, he showed some good flashes. He...
  5. Tunaphish429

    My Biggest Gripe!

    Miami is losing because of mental mistakes but also because of Henne's play in the redzone. That seems to be the common theme to all our losses..Henne not scoring touchdowns in the redzone..But my biggest gripe so far is that Daniel Thomas has been amazing for us running the ball..The guy does...
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