1. Miamifinz

    The Official Seriously? Do NOT Retain Tony Sparano! Merged x3

    My oh my, how can so many people support keeping this guy? Congrats, he kept a locker room full of 0-7 players together. The problem is, he was the main reason we started the way we did. This conservative philosophy will not magically go away, it will continue to rear its ugly head late in...
  2. VaPhinatic

    Will Phins have shot at the top 4 QBs in draft?

    Will the Dolphins have a shot at one of the top 4 QBs (Luck, Barkley, Jones, or Griffen) in the draft? Here are the bottom feeders and their QB needs. Doesn't look good for Phins. (These rankings are from PFT) 15. Broncos (No. 17; 5-5): Yes 16. Jets (No. 14; 5-5): No - Sanchez 17. Titans...
  3. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 new mock

    Draft 1st-Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma St. Well we are pretty much out of it for Luck so we should no go ahead and grab another monster reciever to go along with Marshall,Hartline,Gates,and Bess. 2nd-Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma St. In my opinion out of this draft there is two QBs that can...
  4. snake eyes

    So why not Moore?

    Yeah the coach needs to go next season but whats wrong with Moore?
  5. N

    I hope we go 9-7, make the playoffs, and win the Super Bowl..

    Just to see the Suck4Luck fans eat a mountain of crow, teach them a lesson, that they should never ever root for their team to lose.
  6. snake eyes

    I gotta tell you that ol'e whats his name from Boisie State might be a sleeper!

    Seriously I dont even know what the hell his name is but if we fall that far kids a chucker. What to you all think. WAIT!!!! Ok Ducking behind my computer desk. OK now!!!!!
  7. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 Mock Draft (One Step Closer)

    Resign Kendall Langford DE Sign Ben Grubbs OG Michael Griffin FS Manny Lawson OLB Draft 1st pick- Andrew Luck QB Stanford 2nd pick- Levy Ad**** OT Oklahoma State 3rd pick- Coby Fleener TE Stanford 4th pick- Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt *Trade 6th and 2013 5th for 2012 5th 5th pick- Bobby...
  8. Sulamar1

    We're number 1 in the new power ranking.

    It's been a long season already but it appears we have made the top spot in the power rankings!
  9. phins_4_ever

    What a great article on Ross.

    It so reflects my opinion of him.
  10. snake eyes

    This team Stinks so bad it cant even stink right!!!!

    On a day when a Monumental collapse should be the top sports story of the week, the freakin Colts have to come out and stink it up even better in front of a national audience. Thanks A lot Curt Cobain er I mean Curtis Painter!!! The dolphins cant even Suck the best!!!!
  11. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Matt Moore the check down king!!!

    I thought henne check down too much but Dang Matt Moore checks down almost every play!!
  12. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Take a running back in the middle of the draft?

    What do you guys think... Daniel Thomas is our power back but what about speed. I like Reggie but im just not sure about him and I dont know if we will give him another shot. Some Running Backs with decent speed that are projected to come out as of now is Cyrus Gray Texas A&M Projected 2-3...
  13. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 mock draft (Guess who first pick is???)

    Resign Kendall Langford DE Some of you guys are giving up on him way too early. He produced every year he has been here except this year which could be a fluke year because of the lockout. Free agency Ben Grubbs OG Offensive Guard is one of the big problems with our team. He can come in a...
  14. Kdawg954

    It is What it is

    I'm just on cruise control with this team . . . hope they do well, not expecting it and I'm comforted with the losing by knowing a solid QB class seems to be in the works for the 2012 draft . . . but you better believe its gonna take alot more than "Luck" to turn this thing around. Last night...
  15. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Why are we losing this game???

    I'm not putting the blame on Marshall. I put the blame on defense not finishing, Coaching (of course), and refs are not helping at all...
  16. snake eyes

    Lions,Ravens,Bills all winning with former Dolphins Coaches.....

    So what does this tell us? Sparano Sucks any worse then these other coaches? Well actually I do believe he sucks worse however it's all about the talent and finding that talent. If Sparano had Tom Brady we would never know how bad he sucked! Cam Cameron's got Flaco. Did he suddenly become a...
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