1. snake eyes

    Irelands track record is to poor for him to be so Arrogant!

    It would be one thing If Ireland was like AJ smith or Bobby Bethard was and be a Dick but with his lousy past he has no room to be so arrogant! He's a child.
  2. snake eyes

    Problems real or imagined, Ireland must go!

    Ok maybe we are all wrong about Ireland and he is doing a good job the problem is that perception is fact in these cases. Some times you have to throw the lamb to the wolves however I dont think Ireland is a lamb I think he is the problem. Ross needs make a statement to the entire league...
  3. BenchFiedler

    Why Blame Ireland if Philbin wants to buid through the Draft

    I remember before the start of free agency that Coach Philbin said that he wanted to build through the draft. - We are not signing any Impact players NOT because nobody wants to join the Dolphins. ... I think this just continues what Philbin said with building through the draft. If in that...
  4. snake eyes

    If Ross hopes to sign players this year Ireland needs to go!

    If Ross is so stupid to see what the problem is than he will kill his team.
  5. snake eyes

    Dear God! This is like witnessing a slow motion plane crash, From the inside!

    We are all looking for answers, crying out if you will and nobody can or will explain themselves!!!!!!!! HELP!

    Guess what? Hey it's a TEBOW thread!!!!

  7. snake eyes

    Matt Moore is better than garrard right?

    Why is he even coming here. Back UP?
  8. L

    Merged x a bunch "Jeff Ireland is the worst GM in football"

    Its a complete joke that this idiot has a job. Sad to say that our franchise has become the true laughingstock of the league. Only we would be ignorant enough to think that we could convince a hall of fame QB who only had a 2-3 year window to win another super bowl to join our team while...
  9. Kdawg954

    Jeff Ireland in a Positive Light I'll say this, Jeff Ireland has taken a beating between this whole Peyton Manning ordeal and Free Agency, and you know what, when you miss on draft picks consistently and lose value on a...
  10. miamifin12345

    Manning to Miami eerily similar to Culpepper Fiasco

    I see a lot of similarities between bringing Manning to Miami and the Daunte Culpepper fiasco lets not forget how good Daunte was before he got injured, and how bad he was when he wore the Aqua. So then it begs the question who is the Drew Brees in this comparison?? Could it be Matt Flynn...
  11. T

    IMHO The reason Ireland won out

    I think Ireland has already presented Ross a plan to get the Franchise QB this offseason and he is onboard with whatever Ireland plans to do. Ross probably doesn't want somebody like Fischer throwing a wrench into those plans with his final say power. Coaches coach and GMs evaluate and acquire...
  12. Mage_Phin

    Dolphins Fans Raise $1,500 To Fly "Fire Jeff Ireland" Banner Over Jets Game God I hope these people didn't waste their money...
  13. snake eyes

    Ireland might still be here because Ross needs him for a while

    Ross knows about as much as football as I do about microbiology. But he needs somebody to guide him through to the end of the season so he keeps Ireland. I think Ireland is expendable and will be gone in time. Kinda a smart move for now.
  14. Sulamar1

    Keep Sparano! Fire Dabol and Nolan!

    These 2 clowns are the problem. I like Sparano. You guys all make fun of the guy because he celebrates a lot, but it's a good thing to have a coach who is passionate and wants to win. Nolan is awful.... just awful... Don't go blaming Sparano for the terrible defense when on paper everyone said...
  15. D

    Ireland and his crew stink!...... Right?

    Year after year we see all the wonderful surprises that appear as each new season unfolds. All the obvious draft picks that the dolphins {pass} on begin to emerges and flourish making the guys that drafted them look like geniuses and the dolphins look like morons. Steve Ross is to blame too...
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