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kenny stills

  1. Superself


    Excellent GIF breakdowns on Kenny Stills' impactful plays from last year.
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    Matt Moore high arcing deep ball to Kenny Stills.. 52 yd TD Matt Moore's strength has always been the high arcing deep ball (which makes it easier for the receiver to catch it in stride) If opposing teams are going to stack the box against...
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    Kenny Stills improving

    This is Kenny Stills' first year with Tannehill & Lazor. And he was hobbled for much of training camp & preseason with a calf injury. As a new WR, it took some time for Kenny Stills to develop chemistry in the offense. In contrast, Jarvis Landry & Rishard Matthews already had a full year...
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    Tannehill, deep ball, big plays, and stretching the field

    On a positive note, I noticed that.. 1) Ryan Tannehill's 7.5 yds/pass attempt is the best of his career. His deep ball chemistry with Kenny Stills seems better than with Mike Wallace. 2) For number of passing plays of 20+ yds, Miami is ranked #8. 3) For number of passing plays of 40+ yds...
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    Deep ball attempts to WRs?

    I didn't see the game, just the highlights. It looks like our longest play was the 27 yd pass to Jordan Cameron. I'm just wondering if we attempted any deep ball throws (30+ yds) to our WRs, esp Kenny Stills. TIA.
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    Deep Threats: Mike Wallace vs Kenny Stills

    Throws of 20+ Yards, Last 2 Seasons ------------------------------------- Mike Wallace - Targets: 54 - Receptions: 12 - Completion%: 22.2% - Yards: 460 - TD: 2 Kenny Stills - Targets: 30 - Receptions: 15 - Completion%: 50% - Yards: 710* - TD: 7 *47.3 Yds per Rec (leads all NFL WRs)...
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