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lamar miller

  1. number1fin

    Texans' Lamar Miller happy for Dolphins and Jay Ajayi's success

    From James Walker:
  2. N

    Lamar Miller, and the "fungibility" of running backs

    Some fin fans insist that running backs are a plug & play commodity, and that we should let Lamar Miller walk. But we should remember that every year, Lamar Miller has been our #1 RB in yds per carry. Every year, even when we had Reggie Bush. With Lamar Miller, we have a proven NFL RB, who...
  3. Sons Of Shula

    Film Room: Can Lamar Miller succeed as the Dolphins' feature back?
  4. Geforce

    Lamar Miller autograph signing at Sports Authority

    Lamar Miller will be signing autographs at the Reopening of the Sports Authority Dadeland Station 8364 S. Dixie Hwy from 1pm to 2:30pm on Saturday April 26. One more thing. Today is Lamar's 23rd birthday.
  5. N

    More Lamar Miller + Less Go Go's = More Big Plays for Mike Wallace

    1) Lamar Miller is a ground weapon that other teams have to respect. Give more carries to Miller, and less to Daniel Thomas. Establish the run, and opposing safeties will have to pay more attention to the run game. 2) Get rid of the presnap "Go = Pass, Go-Go = Run" cadence. It ruins any...
  6. finfan66

    Lamar Miller ankle sprain?

    I just read today on CBS sports that Lamar got hurt in practice today. Anyone know how bad it was?
  7. N

    If Reggie Bush & Lamar Miller got all the carries, and continued to avg 6 yds/carry

    If Reggie Bush & Lamar Miller got all the carries, and continued to average 6 yds/carry, would that be the most electric running back tandem ever?
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