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  1. WaddleWaddle

    Theory on Cutler

    Hey guys, first time poster here so go easy on me. I'm a huge phins fan and I would be lying if I said I didn't think our season was over when Tannehill went down. I'd also be lying if I said I didn't get excited when all I heard during training camp was how good Cutler looked and how he knows...
  2. Kdawg954

    Week 7 Postgame Dolphins/Jets **Post a Gif** Thread

    Just Doin My Job
  3. Kdawg954

    Jay Cutler Press Conference: Says he was cleared in March in regards to surgery.
  4. Kdawg954

    Dawg Blogs: Week 16 Edition - Mia @ Buf

    First of all, I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas. I wanted to get this out after the game, but my dad invited the wife and I out for dinner, and then I had to entertain a bunch of family all day on Sunday. Funny enough, it allowed them to see my true passion as a Dolfan as we all...
  5. Kdawg954

    Prediction Time: Dolphins @ Bills - Final Score

    We are just over 48 hours away from kickoff. Miami - 24 Buffalo - 27 Miami loses a hearbreaker on a Buffalo GW FG. Then there is a lot of panic for 24 hours and then we watch KC beat Denver, allowing us to recontrol our own destiny once again heading into NE . . . where we find a way to...
  6. Kdawg954

    Kdawg's Game Log . . . . Fins @ Jets

    While my good friend hoops takes a requested vacation from the site, I figure I would attempt to fill in for him in his absence. Now I could never come close to giving you the insight that he does on a weekly basis, but I will give my personal take on the game last night. First of all, doesn't...
  7. Kdawg954

    Matt Moore highlights from Jets Win

    That first throw to Gray tho . . . that was a bonafide NFL throw with great ball placement. (NFL won't allow me to embed video, will try to find a different link)
  8. miamb113

    Matt Moore and devante Parker

    does anyone know or remember hearing anything about their rapport? fantasy season on the line I either start Brandon Marshall or devante Parker.
  9. Riftur

    Moore's worth is climbing.

    If Moore keeps playing well we might be able to get a good draft pick for him. Depending on how badly tannehill is hurt. I know we might need him like in this situation but if we can get a 3rd I would do it. Go Moore! And GO PHINS!!!!
  10. scottieUK

    Kolb out for about 6 Moore?

    Kolb is out for a while so do Miami trade Moore to Arizona and if so for what, a 3rd? If that happened Miami would have a 1st, two 2nd round picks and three 3rd round picks. What do you guys think?
  11. U

    Ireland should shop Moore

    I really have been calling for this since we knew he wouldn't be the starter. Devlin has shown he is ready to take the back-up roll (which will further advance his development in practice) and soon injuries will likely have some teams around the league looking for a QB. If we can get a pick or...
  12. snake eyes

    Devlin should be #2 (not based on tonights game alone)

    Yeah I know he is playing the scrubbs but since this team is getting younger I think it makes more sense to put him number. I like what I see from him in Hard Knocks and in games. He's taller, faster and has a better arm. I think his potential is great. OK let the bashing begin now. I know...
  13. jimlerario

    IDK about garrard

    2007, 18 and 3 in 12 then... 2008 JAC 16 335 535 62.6 3,620 6.77 15 41 13 6 81.7 2009 JAC 16 314 516 60.9 3,597 6.97 15 63 10 9 83.5 2010, his last year playing: 23td 15int in 14 games rating 90.8 moore:2011: 16 and 9 rating 87.1 in 13 i believe moore was better with one less...
  14. phinasota

    Matt Moore IS our QB! After watching this video I really dont see why people doubt Matt Moore as much as they do. He's got good vision, good ball placement and good insticts. I know there are areas to improve on but last year no camps, no time to work with first team and he was thrown in...
  15. matt11390

    What's the difference between Moore and Flynn

    Was watching Lombardi on NFL Network last night and he brought up this point. He was stating that if you want to bring another QB to the team that new QB needs to be a big upgrade from Moore. Yet in his opinion Flynn is not that big upgrade. Flynn is only one year younger and their size and...
  16. TrojanFin

    Hypothetical: Manning, Flynn and RGIII are not available... what do you do then?

    With mainly the names of Manning, Flynn and RGIII being bantered about. Let's say for a moment that Peyton retires, Miami gets outbid by some other franchise like the Seahawks for Flynn, and RGIII gets snapped up by the Redskins when they trade up to the two spot in the draft. All very realistic...
  17. W

    Four options at QB...choose one

    Peyton Manning if healthy should be the #1 option. The opportunity to add a future Hall of Famer to your roster doesn't come along often. If he's a free agent come March, and is cleared to play football, outside of maybe 5-6 teams, everybody else would want him in a heartbeat. Thoughts...
  18. snake eyes

    So why not Moore?

    Yeah the coach needs to go next season but whats wrong with Moore?
  19. 5

    Biggest pick up for the new season...

    I've been thinking, who will be the biggest difference maker of the new guys coming? (Including Odrick because he was hu
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