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  1. Kdawg954

    Dawg Blogs: 5 Guys You should Expect to make Significant Leaps in 2017

    While I sit back and watch vets like Hoops and Hayden Fox give their week to week and season ending analysis, I figure I continue these Dawg Blog opportunities in the offseason in regards to current personnel, salary cap and free agency and attempt to give some insight into what can fit...
  2. number1fin

    Charles Clay 2013 highlights

    Charles Clay made some spectacular plays last year. He was a safety net all season long and showcased the ability to break tackles while fighting for extra yardage. Roll that beautiful bean footage below to see the evidence of a star in the making...
  3. matt11390

    Dang it Mike Mayock and NFL Network

    He just stated on Path to the Draft that the Jets should take Austin at 9 and Eifert at 13! If that happens I will be ticked off. It's bad enough our GM would pick an UN-exciting OL but to see the Jets get those two playmakers would make me turn my tv off. Thoughts?
  4. matt11390

    Watching the Falcons Lions Game

    Shows me how important it is to have playmakers on both sides of the ball. Atlanta has two dynamic receivers and a good tight end. Their defense is fast and creating turnovers. Miami needs to take note and make appropriate plans for their offseason!
  5. matt11390

    Martin fills a big need but ......

    Curry and Hill were still there. Now the stinking Jets are getting Hill. I like the OL we are forming but we need playmakers badly. Hopefully we will focus on them the rest of the draft.
  6. Kdawg954

    What group of Players will be Miami's "Go To Package" on offense?

    The Miami Heat had a "Go To Package" with Wade/James/Bosh/Haslem/Miller . . .even though the latter 2 weren't starters, the Heat felt this was their best group on the court at any given time. We all know the Dolphins have 11 players on offense. 1 QB and 5 OL . . . leaving 5 spots for skill...
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