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  1. matt11390

    Could the offense convert to a 4WR Look because of the TE problem

    This is just me thinking out loud. I like Sims but not any other TE. So because of out TE issue could the offense create a 4 WR look with two roaming the middle? Specifically Gibson in the slot and McNutt in a TE look stretching the middle downfield. There was one play where RT hit McNutt down...
  2. matt11390

    Any Bess Updates

    With us entering the middle of the draft and the possibility of trading Bess for at least one middle round pick, was wondering if anyone has heard anything today. It has gotten extremely quite on this. With Cleveland picking a DE in round one they should still be open to the trade.
  3. matt11390

    Bess and Hartline

    A few weeks ago someone mentioned in a thread about the productivity of these two. Hartline has 925 yards and Bess has 778 yards. These two are having surprisingly good years despite all the offensive struggles. These guys are pretty good 2nd and 3rd receivers and we need to keep Hartline this...
  4. matt11390

    Why no Matthews?

    Watching Legee Doo Doo play WR I wondered why Matthews didn't get a shot. Matthews couldn't play any worse than Doo Doo.
  5. jimlerario

    Jordan Shipley?

    Would he help? Not much out there heard he was getting praise in can what you think?
  6. snake eyes

    Tannehill is really a great receiver

    Maybe he can throw it to himself. Well the front office seems to be out of ideas.
  7. snake eyes

    So T>O> is available

    IM sorry I deserve all the heat I will get. However, what would it hurt to put him on the roster, really? It couldnt be much worse.
  8. snake eyes

    Too Bad Tannehill cant throw to himself!

    Dude was a good receiver. Wonder if while they are grooming him they will use him as a receiver in certain situations?
  9. Vaark

    Rishard Matthews NV WR in the 7th

    Joined the Wolfpack in ’10, started 12-of-14 games and totaled 56-879-5 (15.7) receiving and 5-76-0 (15.2) rushing with 25-244 (9.8) on punt returns, including a 72-yard score against Boston College, and 5-91 (18.2) on kickoff returns. Was the team’s leading receiver in ’11 after grabbing...
  10. matt11390

    Randle goes to the Giants

    That gives them 3 stud WR's. Miami has Bess. We got to get some speed and a DE
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