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  1. D

    The end of Reggie Bush is near

    I find it odd that Reggie Bush gets a few carries that don;t go so well and he gets put on the bench for extended periods of time but Daniel Thomas can keep rushing for 2 yard plunges over and over again without a chance of breaking a 10 yard run. I think the truth is that this regime has no...
  2. number1fin

    Reggie Bush slams Buffalo women
  3. number1fin

    Get Reggie Bush healthy by....

    sitting him this week. It'll give him three weeks to rest up and hopefully be back 100% after the bye to make a playoff push. Plus, do we really need him to beat the Rams? I don't think we do! So, all in favor? Oh btw, congratulations to #22, he's going to be a father for the first time...
  4. V

    Reggie named offensive player of the week!!

    :lol2: Way to go reggie!!! Do it again this week.
  5. number1fin

    Would you trade Reggie Bush to Seahawks for two 2nd rounders?

    5 reasons why it makes $ense: •We're very deep at RB •He's a FA next year •We'll have to dish out some serious cash to retain his services due to the current market for tailbacks •Pete Carroll, who was his college coach at USC may want to reunite •Marshawn Lynch may be suspended...
  6. Statler Waldorf

    R. Wayne not coming to Miami, re-signs 3 year deal with Colts.

    Per NFL Network Total Access
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