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  1. Blake the great

    Tannehill better than RG3?

    Just got done watching RG3 against Oklahoma state and Ryan Tannehill versus Oklahoma state and I have to say that I was not impressed with RG3. His decision making was terrible and I really thought Tannehill played better against Oklahoma state. I know Tannehill threw three picks in the game but...
  2. DcRy82

    If Fins sign starting RG/RT, DE/OLB, and FS via FA. Would you trade up for RG3?

    I know that some people don't like RG3 at all. I think some people would like to have him, but not give up the necessary draft picks (which is the category I fall in). And I think some people would trade everything for him no matter what. So my question is mostly to those who are leery of...
  3. W

    Four options at QB...choose one

    Peyton Manning if healthy should be the #1 option. The opportunity to add a future Hall of Famer to your roster doesn't come along often. If he's a free agent come March, and is cleared to play football, outside of maybe 5-6 teams, everybody else would want him in a heartbeat. Thoughts...
  4. dolfin530

    I think we will trade for Cleveland's #4 pick.

    I have a feeling are QB's will be RG3 and Matt Moore or Matt Flynn and Matt Moore. If Ross and Ireland like RG3 than they will get him. If they are not sold then they will bring in flynn. Either way those are most likely our only Qb possibilities. However to get RG3 we will need to trade...
  5. LouPhinFan

    RG3 Comment

    http://aol.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/story/2011-12-14/robert-griffin-iii-named-sporting-news-player-of-the-year :err: Uh, yeah. No thanks on the Baylor kid. We need to move on and concentrate on getting Matt Barkley.
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