ryan tannehill

  1. Built2Win

    What if Ryan Tannehill is the best receiver on the roster?

    I watched Jon Gruden talking to Tannehill and got the impression Ryan likes being a Qb allot more than a receiver. Tannehill gave reasons of being more in control of a game instead of a limited box of space a receiver occupies. Tannehill put up pretty good #s as a receiver and was a big target...
  2. dolfanattic5

    The most amazing tannehill in depth analysis

    I can't believe how amazing and in depth this article is enjoy. http://igglesnest.com/2012/some-ryan-tannehill-stats/
  3. Quadfather

    So if we still had Sparano would we be looking at Tebow instead of Tannehill?

    Im just excited to have Joe Philbin here. I really think he is going to turn this franchise around to one of the most respectible ones in the league, not the trash of the league. Its a good time to be a dolfan!
  4. N

    Justin Blackmon @ 8

    I am a big advocate of drafting Kuelchy or DeCastro @ 8.......unless as I said one of the so called big 6 drop. As the draft is getting closer, rumours persist that Rams are leaning towards Fletcher Cox and Jags Stephen Gilmore. How would you feel if Blackmon drops to us at #8. I think he would...
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