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  1. Kdawg954

    Tony Sparano weighs in on the "Jeff is Gone" news

  2. snake eyes

    Philbin already 1 million times better than Sparano!!!!

    Are you watching the jets game? Holy Crap its like re living a nightmare! Its like watching the old miami dolphins all over again. I love what our new offense offers even if it takes a while.
  3. snake eyes

    Man watching our old offense tonight I was glad about one thing.....

    That it was our OLD offense and the Jets were running it. (yes mods this is a dolphin related post) It was amazing watching the jets game tonight. I had nightmare flashbacks to our offense last season 3 and out!!! I am Glad Sparano is gone!!!
  4. snake eyes

    Am I Happy if Fisher? No. Is he better than Tony? ummm, Yes

    Ok so here's my thought. This team is talented enough to succeed as is. Sure they need more players but they dont suck. Tony was not a head coach. Never should have been. As least Fisher can do more with the talent we already have than Soprano could. There have been more Tony Sparano hires...
  5. D

    Jets considering Sparano for OC :sidelol::rotfl1::possum4286::jetssuck:[/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT]
  6. Mage_Phin

    Please get rid of Sparano already...

    Everyone knows it's going to happen sooner rather than later, why prolong the inevitable? I cannot stress how tired I am of watching this pathetic, cowardly man on the sidelines week after week. This team isn't a bad team, but it's 3-8 because our coaching staff is totally inept. I have to...
  7. snake eyes

    Hey Sparano! If you coached like this all the time you might actually win a few!

    UPDATE! Never mind upon further review he can only suck more!!!!! Still Cant Finish!@ Holy Crap it takes having nothing to lose for Fat Tony to finally coach like a real coach and not just settle for field goals. Too little too late.
  8. Sulamar1

    Keep Sparano! Fire Dabol and Nolan!

    These 2 clowns are the problem. I like Sparano. You guys all make fun of the guy because he celebrates a lot, but it's a good thing to have a coach who is passionate and wants to win. Nolan is awful.... just awful... Don't go blaming Sparano for the terrible defense when on paper everyone said...
  9. Kdawg954

    It was Fitting and IMO the FINAL act for Sparano

    Miami had the ball up 15-0 with under 6 minutes to play . . . and Sparano showed the world why he won't be around any longer Miami Dolphins at 5:50DENMIA 1st and 10 at MIA 33 D.Thomas right guard to MIA 33 for no gain (J.Mays). Timeout #1 by DEN at 05:45. 2nd and 10 at MIA 33...
  10. Kdawg954

    It is What it is

    I'm just on cruise control with this team . . . hope they do well, not expecting it and I'm comforted with the losing by knowing a solid QB class seems to be in the works for the 2012 draft . . . but you better believe its gonna take alot more than "Luck" to turn this thing around. Last night...
  11. snake eyes

    I really Believe Sparano is trying to get fired!!!

    After watching his coaching performance tonight I really believe he wants to get fired. he cant quit because he wont get paid but if he gets fired then he can have a butt load of money to retire on. He will never get another coaching job again. Im not playing around he looked like he was...
  12. D

    Sparano leaving

    Based on how this season is going it looks like Tony Sparano is going to leave the Miami Dolphins the way he found it, a mess.
  13. mandal24

    (Merged xA LOT) The Official You gotta Suck to get Luck Superthread for those that haven't seen these videos.. dude can play QB as good as they come and why not play him at LBer/Safety and WR too :) 3 positions filled with 1 draft pick. Who needs Brandon Marshall, Luck...
  14. L

    the Lame-duck effect

    a) players have less respect for the HC than normal b) veterans who are less than ideal or are hurt are in the line-up cuz its now or never for Tony c) playing not to lose the ****ING minute you decide that the HC is not your guy you should make damn sure you can replace him or have the balls...
  15. snake eyes

    Fire Sparano. Skip over Nolan and Give interim to Dabol.

    Nolan hasnt proved he deserves it with the crappy defense play. Dabol wont be around next year but at least he will have the offensive reigns to maybe NOT go for field goals all the time. Ok let the bashing begin.
  16. snake eyes

    If all the players are agreeing that this team isnt preparing properly.......

    Then why is Sparano still here? Have any of you heard him answer any questions about this feeling running rampent through his team? Has he defended or denied the comments? If your not getting it done on the practice field and the whole world knows this by now than shouldnt the coach have to...
  17. H

    Three Positives From Today's Game

    The start to this season has been horrible and yesterday's game against the Texans was very ugly. However, there were a few positives from the game. 1 - Daniel Thomas. He looked good out there and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not saying he looked like a pro bowler, but he did have some...
  18. Tunaphish429

    What If?

    What if Henne plays well and we still lose... Does Sparano get fired?
  19. SkapePhin

    Merged: Insight into Sparano's more aggressive approach;_ylt=At2YqPdNjINShNGvLEuza3wdsLYF?slug=jc-cole_tony_sparano_chad_henne_miami_dolphins082211 Great quotes: Got to give him some credit for changing an offensive mentality that has been drilled into him since he first started coaching... Its a good thing...
  20. C

    Sparano is in a win win situation, "so to speak"

    Look, I think he is in over his head and shouldnt be in the same conversation as Belecheat but after the fiasco of earlier this year of Ross botching the new coach situation Sparano can do no wrong, in his mind anyway. Most of us know hes not a good coach but he's being paid and extended to do...
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