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  1. jimlerario

    Great Defensive Effort by the Reinvented Starting Lineup

    The Dolphins defense assembled in Miami is shaping into one of the best groups in years. Howard-Allen (McDonald)-Reshad Jones-Tankersley Timmons-Maualuga-Kiko Alonso Branch (Harris)-Godchaux-Ndamukong Suh-Wake (Hayes) The four man rotation on the edges has be efficient, with Harris kicking...
  2. Charlie Rivers

    Ndamukong & Cameron

    What kind of numbers will Suh and Wake put up in 2017-18? Whom do you feel will have the better year? Curious.
  3. N

    Suh vs Coyle

    I think this is basically the chess match between Suh vs Coyle: Suh: "I would rather play a 1-gap defense" Coyle: "You're going to play a 2-gap defense, and that's final" Suh: "I just signed a $114 million contract, with $60 million guaranteed. I basically can't be cut. So I'm going to...
  4. Miamifinz

    Dolphins coaches trying to fix Suh's QB throwing mechanics (satire) This Sunday sucked but this got a chuckle out of me.
  5. Kdawg954

    I Scream CONE Movement

    Begins this Sunday, September 13th at 1 p.m. Are you READY!!!! C: O: N: E: CONE, CONE, CONE, CONE, CONE, CONE, CONE, CONE, CONE, CONE, CONE, CONE LET'S DO THIS!!
  6. jreg1

    Just saw this cool nickname

    Just saw an article calling Suh and Wake Suhnami and Earthwake! LOL I hope the entire line plays out of their minds so that we don't have to blitz much!
  7. Kdawg954

    Are you worried about Suh not showing up to Voluntary workouts? Is he obligated to?

    Ran across this article on PFT. Typical Mike Florio Dolphin hating but I figured I'd poll the masses and see what your thoughts are. Here is some of the article Suh did not show up for Lions...
  8. F

    Need to keep Starks

    I know it's been rumored Starks will be a Cap casualty but this would be a huge mistake. Suh is indeed a force but he also was playing besides another very good DT in Fairley. This tandem is what made Detroit #1 in the league against the run and helped pave the way to having one of the best...
  9. Kdawg954

    A Look into a Potential Ndamukong Suh contract with the Dolphins.

    So the idea of Suh has been the rage of Finheaven over the last week or so . . . hell I'm excited myself. The big concern seems to be "How can we afford this guy". I will attempt to put the numbers of a fictional contract on display to give you a better sense of how it would all break down...
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