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  1. Stoobz

    Our Rookie Wide Receivers

    Lots of nice chatter about these three during training camp, so I'll post a bit of info about each from NFLDraftBuzz. No idea how reputable they are, but what the heck. https://www.nfldraftbuzz.com/Player/Tanner-Conner-WR-IdahoState Does not have exceptional straight-line speed but takes...
  2. F

    WR locker room

    Has any WR locker room seen this much šŸˆ since the lingerie football league? Parker and Williams are made of glass and need to go. Throw in Fuller and this squad is a cheerleading squad. Itā€™s embarrassing. Iā€™d keep Waddle, Tua, Wilkins, Davis, and Gesicki and get rid of the rest. Especially Byron...
  3. motormouthmaz

    NFL and Police to further investigate the Landry Domestic Violence Incident

    Jesus this will not go away. The NFL likes to flex its muscle and show the players they hold all of the power. They keep dividing the lines more and more. This is scary as I think landry did not do anything but godell loves showing the players who there "daddy" is...
  4. BenchFiedler

    Kenny Stills INVISIBLE During Training Camp

    I really like what Kenny Stills did with the Saints but this is probably not a good idea to keep him around. I'm hearing positive feedbacks on Carroo, Landry, Grant, Parker and nothing on Stills except some drops. This is "deja vu" from the 2015 season. Maybe that chemistry with Tannehill...
  5. LouPhinFan

    Matt Harmon's WR Rankings

    http://www.thebackyardbanter.com/2015-nfl-draft-wide-receiver-rankings.html Some of the popular names on the board:
  6. BenchFiedler

    Trade Hartline and a 4th for A. Johnson

    I know that Hartline is a very reliable receiver for # 17, but we are loaded at receiver and Hartline does not provide something special like the speed of Mike Wallace. I can put Hartline in the same basket as Gibson and Landry almost same size and speed and very solid receivers but not game...
  7. BenchFiedler

    IF Dolphins Sign Wallace and Cook, Can Tannehill DELIVER????

    Maybe I'm the party pooper this morning. We probably will sign Wallace (speed) and a TE (maybe Cook). Can Tannehill deliver the ball to them? After last season, I was NOT impressed with Tannehill's deep ball and decision making. He did try to force a lot of balls to Hartline and Fasano when...
  8. BenchFiedler

    WR Idea -> Activate Jeff Fuller - Best move for Tannehill

    Most of the board members including (myself) are aware that WR is a big weakness. We have Hartline and Bess who can catch the ball.. Why not activate Fuller from the practice who has some chemistry with Tannehill and he is also a big target. We are not going to the superbowl, and we should plan...
  9. BenchFiedler

    Roberto Wallace V.S Brandon Marshall (A little break from QB and Ireland)

    Brandon Marshall - Height: 6-4 Weight: 230 Age: 27 Roberto Wallace - Height: 6-4 Weight: 225 Age: 25 I know I cannot compare Marshall, a proven + pro-bowl receiver to Wallace but they look alike and Wallace is 2 yrs younger... Do you think maybe, it's a maybe that the...
  10. overworkedirish

    Is Gates a true lock?

    I keep seeing people post on here drooling over Clyde Gates, the deep threat, his ability to stretch the field... Oh yeah, and the assumption that he will be joining Marshall, Bess, and Hartline while Wallace, Moore and Livas are on the cusp. I guess we haven't been reading the same practice...
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