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Is Gates a true lock?


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Mar 15, 2006
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I keep seeing people post on here drooling over Clyde Gates, the deep threat, his ability to stretch the field... Oh yeah, and the assumption that he will be joining Marshall, Bess, and Hartline while Wallace, Moore and Livas are on the cusp.

I guess we haven't been reading the same practice reports and watching the same preseason games. As of the Carolina game, I have seen nothing impressive out of Gates in terms of his role as a receiver. If we had a position for sprinter, then okay, he's fast. But he has shown virtually no catching ability, no reach for slightly overthrown balls, and absolutely sloppy performances on return attempts. So why is everyone on his d*ck??

Both Wallace and Moore have impressed me more this offseason. If Gates's lackluster performances continue, I could not comprehend why he wouldn't be the odd man out - this year at least.
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I agree with you as far as Gates not proving himself yet. Although he has only had a handful of passes thrown to him, none of which were that good, it would have been nice to see him lay out for the one or two that he may have been able to make a play on, but I do believe he is pretty much a lock. His speed alone will open up so much for the other receivers. Granted, if he doesn't prove that he can catch, defenses will start to realize this, and he will no longer be a threat. Henne and Gates need to get on the same page during the next 2 games. He needs more opportunities to show he can catch the ball. I think Moore and Wallace have shown that they can both make an impact on this team. Unless Livas does something spectacular over the next 2 games, I see Sparano keeping all 6, and hopefully we can keep Livas on the practice squad. I know Gates has a lot of upsides to him, but I agree, he should have to prove himself before he is considered a lock to make this team. Part of me wonders if he would be working a little harder if he actually thought he may not make this team.
He wouldn't be the odd man out because he is the SPEED we need. Even as a decoy he provides more than Wallace, Moore and Livas . . . . combined. Our QB's haven't hit him yet either, yet he has shown he can get open.

You can't say you saw More from Moore when the guy drops a perfect pass that should have been a TD. I mean come on. If you are in a battle for a spot on this team, when you get your chance to shine . . . you better shine. Gates has shined just because he has shown he can get open consistently.

You cut Clyde Gates, I can guarantee you just about every team would put in a claim to get him . . . you drop the other 3, you won't get near the same response.
Gates hasn't done anything that would call for his head. Wow, way too early to be saying he needs to be cut. His speed is a huge asset obviously, and he has been open and gotten behind the secondary a number of times too. And the first couple weeks of camp you heard a lot about how he was even beating Vontae on some nice grabs. No way on earth would I expect the Phins to cut him at this point. No way. WAY too much upside.
He had a touchdown catch in the Falcons game while Wallace dropped a bomb that hit him right in the hands against the Panthers. I hate to break it to you but we're keeping Gates because he was a 4th round draft pick. Do you honestly think that he's going to develop overnight? He's a rookie! Wallace and Moore were kept around on the practice squad so why would Gates be any different? The guy will be an impact player in due time, give him a chance!
Oh and I was at the Falcons game and Gates looked impressive. I'm not sure what you saw, but I did in fact see a guy that can stretch the field. Additionally, practice reports are what you're basing your assumptions on?! Some players have the ability to turn it on during the game as opposed to practice (Matt Moore), whereas some have amazing practices then bomb during the games or don't even see the field.
He's a rookie coming out of a lock-out shortened training camp, and he hasn't been playing football that long. He's going to have his issues. I think the problem here is that you have no background on Gates and that you don't understand what this team needs in the WR department.

In short, I don't think you have a good grasp on the situation.
I have a thought. Instead of doing the constant bandwagon heckling that FinHeaven is so famous for, why don't you give me some actual reasons why you think Gates is a lock?

Well one thing for sure, and they were saying this during the Panthers game - The safety has to respect his speed therefore making this offense more creative... That alone, should be a major factor to keep him..
I guess another way to phrase the question is: Can Gates and Henne get on the same page before the season starts so Gates's role can be filled properly (i.e. with actual catching and hands and whatnot). If you're gonna get on Marlon Moore for that drop (which I agree, it was egregious), I think as far as returns Gates screwed the pooch when the ball bounced between his legs. That was unforgivable as a return man, and is the same reason most of this board is against Bess ever handling returns again.
What games have you been watching? His return game hasnt been spectacular, but as a receiver he is getting open and beating players deep. If we had a QB that was even slighly accurate, he would have at least 1 more preseason TD.
I think they can get on the same page yes, that being said it may take a little bit more time. Gates can be dangerous if hit in stride but that's a big IF given our questionable (but improving) qb situation.
Well one thing for sure, and they were saying this during the Panthers game - The safety has to respect his speed therefore making this offense more creative... That alone, should be a major factor to keep him..

That's the exact reason they drafted, open the middle of the field for BM.
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