**2020's. The Decade of the Dolphins**

Apr 25, 2020
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North Carolina
This, to me, seems like a dream. Could it be that after 20 years of searching for a Quarterback, and reliable Front Office, that we have found both? I was one of those people that lobbied hard for the Dolphins to draft Tua Tagovailoa. I e-mailed HC Brian Flores, GM Chris Grier, and even Owner Stephen Ross a combined 40 times or more in the last 6 months, lobbying them to get Tua. Usually about this time of the year, the Dolphins Front Office drafts Jake Long instead of Matt Ryan, or a Wide Receiver like Ted Ginn even though they had no one to throw him the ball. The Front Office has been unreliable at best. However, I believe that has all changed. I believe the 2020's will be the decade of the Dolphins! Not only is Tom Brady gone from the Patriots, but the Dolphins' Front Office is better than ever. We just drafted arguably the greatest college Quarterback of all-time. We just drafted two future Pro Bowl Offensive Lineman, who after getting about a year of experience, should be ready to dominate in 2021 when Tua is the starter. We just signed a lockdown CB to go with our other lockdown CB. We just signed top tier and top character guys like Kyle Van-Noy and Shaq Lawson. We already have an athletic freak at tight end in Mike Gesicki. We also already have two great receivers in our current No. 1 Receiver DeVante Parker, and possible future All-Pro in Preston Williams, if he can stay healthy. We even just got perhaps one of the best Running Back tandems in the entire NFL by signing Jordan Howard and trading for Matt Breida. What I am trying to say here, is that after years of enduring disappointment and mediocrity, we Miami Dolphin fans may actually be able to rejoice that our time has come. I do believe in this Front Office. I do believe in Tua Tagovailoa. I do believe in where we are headed. This is our moment. This is the year we will look back upon and say it's where it all began. No longer are we going to suffer. It's time for the Miami Dolphins to dish out some pain!
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