1. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Miami Is Now 2 Games Up In The Division....

    Anyone know the last time we were two games up in the division?
  2. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Pre Free Agency Mock Draft

    Cap Casualties *TE: Julius Thomas ($6.6 Mil) *LB: Lawrence Timmons ($5.4 Mil) *RT: Ja'Wuan James ($9.34 Mil) (Obviously we might be able to trade him. Heard rumbles of possibly getting a third back but who knows) *We also SHOULD be able to restructure at least a couple deals to free up more...
  3. fromfin2fin

    Greetings From Minnesota

    My name is Keith Kubitschek and I am without a doubt the biggest Miami Dolphins fan in the Midwest! I was born and raised in the great state of Minnesota and then went to college in the cheese head state of Wisconsin. Growing up I played any sport that had a ball in it: basketball, baseball...
  4. number1fin

    2017 Path to the Pros: Raekwon McMillan
  5. number1fin

    Charles Harris Draft Party Interview
  6. Fin_Frenzy_84

    We may have a shot at Reuben Foster now If he falls, I definitely could see us taking him at 22. We took a shot on Tunsil and it seems to be working out.
  7. D

    Something about Miami

    Even throughout the second half of the Marino years(92-99) when a 6 year old me became a Dolphins fan, the same thing always happens. We lose, we get manhandled, we get worked, we get made into laughing stocks, we get false hope and then quickly get made aware at how inept we really are...
  8. number1fin

    Ryan Tannehill talks Miami Dolphins season
  9. Fin_Frenzy_84

    So what are we going to do about Defensive Tackle?

    At least one of the D-Tackles will not be back next year. There is even a possibility they all could be gone. So which D-Tackle or D-Tackles will not return next season and who do you want to replace them?
  10. Fin_Frenzy_84

    What do you think about Dennis Hickey?

    Do you think Hickey had a good first season? What do you think of Hickey's free agent signings? Do you think he had a good draft? I know its a little early to judge the players he has brought in but I have seen some nice flashes from some young kids If these players can gain consistency then...
  11. number1fin

    Ryan Tannehill's deep ball looks extremely healthy this season
  12. number1fin

    Greg Rosenthal strikes again

    After Mike Wallace jokingly alluded to Dolphins' receivers not getting any calls, Rosenthal jumped at the opportunity to throw dirt... Opinion pieces like this is what's wrong with sports...
  13. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Tannehill's expectations for 2014

    I believe Tannehill played very well in 2013 with a horrible offensive line but he did play like absolute dog **** the last two games. Now our O-Line actually looks pretty good and we seem to be very deep at receivers. Could we see Tannehill reach 30 TD's? Maybe 10-15 INT range? Reach 4,000...
  14. DownUnderFin

    Greatest QB Ever -

    Get your votes in for Miami greats Marino and Griese.
  15. number1fin

    This will be painful to watch!

    Below are all 58 sacks given up on the 2013 season:
  16. number1fin

    NFL Network - Inside the Dolphins

    Warning: Omar Kelly is featured in the video below
  17. number1fin

    Super Bowl VII - FULL GAME - Relive Perfection

    Watch the 1972 World Champion Miami Dolphins capture the title of the only undefeated team in NFL history. MIA • 14 WAS • 7
  18. number1fin

    Cheerleading Eye Candy
  19. Adam First


    Time to put up or shut up! @ at Sun Life Stadium Miami Gardens, Florida PLAYOFF CLINCHING SCENARIO IN EFFECT If Miami wins and Baltimore loses, or if Miami and San Diego win, Miami clinches the final spot in the AFC playoffs TELEVISION Kickoff at 1 PM ET INJURY REPORT WEATHER A 40...
  20. Fin_Frenzy_84

    How high is Tannehill's ceiling?

    Tannehill clearly keeps improving so let me hear people's opinions on how much better can Ryan Tannehill get? Throw some comparisons out there!
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