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  1. number1fin

    Super Bowl VII - FULL GAME - Relive Perfection

    Watch the 1972 World Champion Miami Dolphins capture the title of the only undefeated team in NFL history. MIA • 14 WAS • 7
  2. number1fin

    Cheerleading Eye Candy
  3. Adam First


    Time to put up or shut up! @ at Sun Life Stadium Miami Gardens, Florida PLAYOFF CLINCHING SCENARIO IN EFFECT If Miami wins and Baltimore loses, or if Miami and San Diego win, Miami clinches the final spot in the AFC playoffs TELEVISION Kickoff at 1 PM ET INJURY REPORT WEATHER A 40...
  4. Fin_Frenzy_84

    How high is Tannehill's ceiling?

    Tannehill clearly keeps improving so let me hear people's opinions on how much better can Ryan Tannehill get? Throw some comparisons out there!
  5. jimlerario

    Dolphins control playoff fate with bengals or ravens loss

    How is that so? As per
  6. jimlerario

    ravens unbelieveable win..WTF

    was anyone else watching it? after the steelers failed to convert the 4th and ten, I switched over to min-bal game. min scores a TD with 45 seconds left, and go up by 4. and the freaking raven end up scoring a TD from the nine with ten seconds left. that really would have been nice if Minnesota...
  7. N

    Players are unified behind Richie. Playoffs?

    The players seem unified behind Richie Incognito. With a mentality of "Us versus the world", and "Win it all for Richie, our fallen comrade who was unjustly slandered", could this Martin/Incog fiasco actually pull the team together, to play harder, with greater focus & unity, run the table...
  8. Nublar7

    FB Vonta Leach to visit Dolphins on Wednesday

    Multiple reports say Leach is going to visit the Dolphins. Miami seems very interested in upgrading the fullback position, and remember that the waiver claim for...
  9. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Interesting stat for Jamar Taylor and Boise St.

    Boise St. only gave up 4 touchdowns threw the air in 13 games and obviously that secondary was led by Jamar Taylor!!!! Our defense will be nasty next year!
  10. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 Last Mock Draft!

    The draft is almost here!!!! This is my last mock and I am gonna go ahead and add trades because I believe we will be very active day 1... I believe we still trade pick 54 to the Chiefs for Albert. Then we will most likely trade back to the Cowboys pick up a 3rd and 5th Then trade pick 42...
  11. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 (Updated Mock Draft 4-16-13)

    Going into the draft here is our team needs imo Secondary, Pass Rush, Tackle, Red Zone Threat, Running Back, O-Line Depth, Kicker. Here is my new mock that could possibly address alot of those needs. 1st-Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame (Would love to trade back a little and grab him but I am...
  12. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 updated mock draft (4-7-13)

    1st-Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State 2nd-Jonathan Cyprien SS 2nd- Terron Armstead Arkansas-Pine Bluff 3rd- Robert Alford CB Southeastern Louisiana 3rd-Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M 4th-Devin Taylor DE South Carolina 5th- Kenjon Barner RB Oregon 5th- Quanterus Smith DE WKU 7th- Dustin...
  13. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Elvis wants to play for Miami

    Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson reports Elvis Dumervil's agent intends to call the Dolphins because the DE would like to play for Miami.
  14. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Young Roster

    As of now our offense will only have one person who is 30 when the season starts and that is incognito. As for defense Wake will be 31 and Patterson will be 30. That is a very young team and is pretty talented!
  15. Fin_Frenzy_84

    John Abraham visiting?

    Omar RT @MarkyMarcWQAM: JOHN ABRAHAM is here...OMAR.. you know Im at the HARDROCK...I see them.. he's with his agent» I believe you. We'll see
  16. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Current Cap Space?

    Just wondering if anyone knows what our current cap space is at now?
  17. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Chris Gamble Released

    Just seen it on twitter. Thoughts?
  18. E

    Breaking: Fin Free agent update 2013

    Ok let me start off by reviewing my my last post Rumor in miami: there is talks of a super trade.Miami islooking to trade for larry fitz from the cards. 2 ea #1 and his big fat contract.... (obviously this trade has died as fitz will not renegotiate) i like this ideal. but this is proposed...
  19. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Pre-Combine mock draft!

    Cuts- Patterson Carpenter Resign- Randy Starks DT Chris Clemons FS Anthony Fasano TE Sign- Derek Cox CB Mike Wallace WR Greg Jennings WR Draft- Trade down mid to late 20's and pick up another 2nd and 3rd (I usually don't trade down in my mocks but if we do sign both Wallace and Jennings...
  20. D

    ? about a MIAMI song played at sunlife?

    anyone know the name or who sings the song, it goes M. I. A. M. I MIAMI or something thank you
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