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Antonio Freeman (merged) w/ ...pull the trigger

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Antonio Freeman......

I would love to sign this guy to a 1 year deal. He is an awesome WR and it wouldnt hurt any. Right? Does anyone know the amound of money he wants???????
KC, Ravens, Philly, and Seattle are his suitors, not us...We cant not start Oronde anyway.
you right, they still have faith in McFumble. Oronde is a good #2 and definatly earned a starting job. And Jay like ward. I guess we cant get him...... oh well.
i dont think it would be such a bad idea signing him, but their is no reason paying out major money for him
It's all about ME!!

Antonio Freeman was a STUD receiver, but I think between greed and age has caught up to him!! He is NOT near the receiver he used to be and is a step SLOWER!!His numbers proves this, he has drastically fallen off, to where BILL SCHROEDER was BRETT'S go to guy the last 2 years!! If he was, GREEN BAY no doubt would have re-signed him! The guy is a HAS BEEN!!!
Sam Adams is a very distant chance even though we've reportedly completed negotiations with Del Duca on a contract extension with Jay Williams which will IMO probably lower his $1.65 million salary cap figure to a modest $1 million or even below (I hope).

Adams is deciding between his home in Seattle, or Denver who is offering a 1 year deal worth more money.
And Antonio Freeman is being offered the vet's minimum by all accounts. Tends to be a locker room cancer anyway.
I just can't see any room on this team for Antonio Freeman. There is one open starting WR slot, and he would have to beat out McKnight, Gadsden, and Ward for it. There is no way he could beat out McKnight. Gadsden possibly, but not McKnight. Waste of money if you ask me. On the other side of the spectrum, Darnay Scott would take this offense to the next level......
Freeman is just a "name" player and is WELL past his prime. If you want some controversy, just sign Freeman and wait for the bad news to come!!

Herman Moore is also just a "name" player at this point, but has generally showed a good attitude.

These players WERE good people, but nothing better than what we already have, trust me.

Darnay opposite Chris Chambers would really be somethin special. It'd be like the Dallas offense all over again only without Troy Aikman, Jay Novacek, and the same OL...ok so it wouldn't be like the Dallas offense but it'd still be pretty good!
Darnay is a Jag, and it will be official later today.

He would have been a good signing, but none of the other afformentioned WRs would be.....
I'm personally hoping for a Chambers/Teyo Johnson combo in the future, but I'm thinking way ahead of time.
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