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Are any Dolfans, Marlins fans???


Jul 26, 2004
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The Marlins have a great team this year, definitely top 5 in the NL, and it just sickens me to see how many fans come out to the games... If the Marlins only had the fan base that the Dolphins have... Man, I just wish that South Florida sports fans could get into baseball... Peace :D
I love the Marlins.. would attend so many more games if I didn't live in Tampa... However, have tickets to all three games when they come here to play the Devil Rays....
I support all Florida teams except of course when they play each other in which case I support the South Florida team.
I would be at every game but,kinda hard living in IL. I go watch anytime they are close by.Watch the Heat play the Pacers and Will watch te marlins and the Cardinals.
Just a (?) but around here at all the food places and bars they have beer glasses with the Cardinals.Can anyone get ahold of a Marlin,Heat or Dolphin beer glass from the bar in ther florida area? PM me if ya can and C.O.D them to me if you could.
i luv all my miami teams, fins, marlins, heat...
but u cant compare the dolphins fanbase to the marlins, with the dolphins u only get 8 or 9 homegames, but the marlins have so many u cant expect for all of thier fans make it to every game. i go to my share of marlins game but its imposible to go to every home game.
I would have been a Heat and Marlins fans...

but I was drawn in by the Magic and the Yankees at a very early age.
Sorry buddy......hate baseball
I used to hate it too, I forgot how or why I started watching them, but trust me, if you get in to it, You will love it. I'm Hooked
Tough being a dolphins fan here in Michigan, especially with the Lions finally turning it around...hate the Marlins they ruin Dolphins field ever year can't wait 'til there gone...we have Pistons, Tigers and Wings anyway...
Season ticket holder here. Football is good, but baseball is my passion. Love those Marlins and often get sickened by how little the Dolphins fans appreciate a winning team. And Huizenga, well, don't even get me started about him.
I'm from NJ and am a die hard Yanks fan... but I love all South Florida teams and couldn't help but pick up the Marlins from day 1.
My loyalties were set long before the Marlins came to SoFla. Sorry, can't help unless they're playing the Red Sox. :dunno:
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