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Oct 30, 2001
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This guy is so overrated. All he does is fumble and fall down. Yeah he will have his ok game once in awhile, but against consistent good defenses he goes weak and takes a dive. I mean he needed 35 carries to get over the 100 yard mark. He is losing crucial fumbles that could have turned the game the other way, if it wasn't for our defense playing tough. But you can't count on them every game. He has been bailed out time and again. It is time for a real back. Robert Edwards!! What a story that would be. Comes back from major knee injury to lead the dolphins to the super bowl. Look at the situation, he was and still is a good back. He gained 1200+ yards his rookie season, so we know he is a good back. He doesn't fumble the ball, he is elusive and quick and has more game breaking speed. He catches the ball out of the backfield very well. Besides Rickey is going to cost us another first round draft pick and cost us more money in the end. I say give Robert Edwards the ball and we can go to the super bowl.

Just kidding really. I am just tired of hearing how Jay Fiedler is so horrible and thought I would put it into perspective. How silly does it sound about Rickey. But it is exactly what people say about Jay. There is a capable back up, but are you going to replace someone that has proven themselves to be good overall (26-11 regular season record) or just judge them on mistakes. Because what you say about Jay sounds just like what I said about Rickey. I love Rickey just as much as you do, but I also like Jay too. He gets the job done. I know he isn't a premier QB in the league, but he doesn't have to be. If we run the ball well and our defense plays well, Jay will be good. But it seems when the defense plays bad the whole team follows. I.E. we abandoned the running game and force the passing game. That is not the team we are. We are about ball possision and destroying the other team with our defense. We are not built for a shootout. Jay haters, we will never have another Dan Marino. That was a once in a lifetime deal. Jay has proven to be a capable QB in the league. Maybe we should trade for Kurt Warner, he has a good record doesn't he. Or maybe it was who was around him and a guy named Marshall Faulk.

Go dolphins
Wow. Nice, NICE illlustration. I hope you don't get e-mail bombs from people who don't scroll down!!!
Bro, I was just gonna rip into you until I scrolled down!!!!
Yes, we will never have another Marino but we do need a half way descent QB. Jay Fiedler sucks ass, I would rather see Fellow New Jersey native Ray Lucas in there!!
First post here on the message board thought I would chime in with that quickie!!! Thanks all
welcome a-board WiLLT429 :happydrin

:down: but forget Ray playing until Jay's right arm is amputated
Yeah that Lucas...

... if Fiedler can do it Lucas must be able to it 100 times better because he has a stronger arm. Sheesh.

New Jersey, isn't that New York south? :D


Originally posted by WiLLT429
Bro, I was just gonna rip into you until I scrolled down!!!!
Yes, we will never have another Marino but we do need a half way descent QB. Jay Fiedler sucks ass, I would rather see Fellow New Jersey native Ray Lucas in there!!
First post here on the message board thought I would chime in with that quickie!!! Thanks all
Originally posted by Fiedler for MVP
this thread is strangely similar to the "jason taylor is overrated" thread

ya thats what I was about to say.....2 sarcastic threads ....I guess some of us miss losing!
Cant believe it took me so long to find this site. Gotta say its pretty good. And for the record I dont believe that anyone here misses losin, its great to be on top of the East, where we belong!!
Does anyone else here wonder about the the draft two years ago and think. Drew Brees........the next big thing here at Miami, well I do and I was very upset at that time. Just thinking out loud here, sorry all and thanks for the welcoming.
Welcome Aboard

WHEW!!!!!!!!!!! You had me going there for a minute. I was ready to lay into your thread until I read your second paragraph.....:lol: :lol: :lol:

Good One!
Dude. You need therapy. Rickey is leading the league in rushing. Jay hardly puts up those comparatiove stats. If he can keep his head glued on (like yesterday) and not do what he did (Chiefs) Jay can get the job done. But Ricky is a superstar. Jay is not. It is not apples to apples.
Folks ... Jay was not just a "caretaker" yesterday, he was a difference maker. His throws showed exceptional zip and were, by-and-large, perfectly placed (especially the bullet to Chambers in the back of the end zone). And he exhibited both exceptional body control and chutzpah in his touchdown run.
Very good thread bro, I too was about to go off on you until I scrolled down and found the ammended portion of your post. Excellent point; some of the Fiedler haters around here should take a second and read that.

The guy has more grit and determination than any, and I do mean any, QB in this league. He may not have all the talent in the world but if you need a guy to go in there an get the job done any way he possibly can then Jay's your guy. The only QB in the league that comes close to this guy's level of heart is- and I hate to say this- Rich Gannon (geez I hate the Raiders.) Jay has steadily improved and has been just about as conistent as a QB can possibly be. Except for one foul up last week, he's been near perfect.

Jump off him haters and realize that he's our QB, he's going to stay that way, and he's going to help us win the Super Bowl!:judge:
hey wilt...why dont you lay off fiedler, 2 posts and 2 rips at the guy. i guess 11 or 12 td's thru the air(2-3 running) with 5 picks and a 4-1 record (not to mention 27-14 as a starter since 2000, BEST IN THE LEAGUE)deserves a benching? point blank, the guy is a winner and will do whatever it takes to get into the endzone.

ps- 3 td's, 0 int vs world champs...this guy is terrible
pps-6 comeback wins last year without the benefit of a running game...i could go on and on about how bad this guy is
WOW!!!! I seriously never thought I would get a post like that about each his own I guess.
I just would rather see us with someone that we could rely on thru every game, I mean when we reach the Super Bowl, can this guy get it done? I really hope so, cause I didnt wait this long to get a super bowl caliber team only to let our "MVP QB" throw the game, thats all. Sorry if I offended you.
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