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Best Tight end ever to playthe game.


Nov 28, 2004
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Dolphins Stadium/Montreal
We never had a good tight end except for MC Mike. I say IMO the best ever TE to play the game Ben Coates, his stats are good but boy his blocking was amazing, i know uguys are gonna say Sharpe Gonzo but i liked Coates, the guy was a special player, i also think Wes Walls was good also, the TE's are quality ones that u will never find again there just leaders and special to an organization
Joe Rose isnt going to like this thread very much....
I would say Ozzie Newsome, or Winslow maybe Ditka or Christiansen(raiders/vikings). Coates was really good but not that level.
SkapePhin said:
Joe Rose isnt going to like this thread very much....

He caught Marino's first TD in the NFL...and he'll make sure he reminds you every chance he gets. :lol:
dominizzo said:
Hey Skape still waiting for that Sig:tongue: guess it was never coming ehhe

You already have a pretty sweet sig.. figured you didnt need one anymore.
MelbournePhin said:
ben coates? cmon dom

did u ever see thi guy play he made 5 consec pro bowls i think he was awesome hewas a dolphin killer, i say hes my fav IMO and is one of the best In a Te its not only catching tds and receptions its blocking makin the catch for a 1st down in a short yardage situation, Running good routes leadership Tony gonzalez gates have the skills to catch tds but there blocking is awful as fin they have no leadership cmon man Coates was good for all of that agree?
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