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Mar 14, 2006
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If we address some needs via free agency like a Lb, qb, ol..whatever we do. Id like us to draft an offensive player. But if we address most of our needs in FA, and if we "COULD" trade down, why not grab a Meriweather??..Solid pick in later round i would think...Maybe wishfull thinking cause I'm a U fan. Not saying we should, just something Ive been thinking about...what yall think
IMO, he'll somehow find his way back into the 1st round with a good combine.
With all the talent in this draft combined with his questionable size and character I think it will be very hard for him to crack the first round and from what I hear even though he has looked good at the Senior Bowl practices his stock has dropped quite a bit this year. I like him alot and think he can be a good FS in this league, but unless the Dolphins move Allen to corner he really doesn't fit on this team. He doesn't really fit at SS (Bell seems to have that position locked down anyway) and while he can play the slot at corner I don't think he fits as a natural corner. Whoever gets him though I think will end up with a heck of a player and probably pretty good value from the spot he's chosen.
Go watch his 1 on 1 with Barry Beutel on, he sounds too immature still and it is hard to comprehend what he is saying. It almost doesn't make sense.

It's under Senior Bowl Day 1 I think.
Character is a big deal in the NFL. Him clearly stomping on somebody during that brawl is going to hurt him no matter what. The Bengals will draft him.
yeh he looks great so far, if troy smith is already gone in the 2nd round get Brandon!
brandon merriweather didnt he used to be on in living color back in the 80's. wasnt he the dude that did men of film with damon wayans you remember 3 snaps in a v formation
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