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Can dolphins compete for playoff spot?


Mar 29, 2004
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well i think we have the talent on this team to compete for the playoffs and after that anything can happen.just two years ago we were 11-5 it seems to me that the players just quit on wanny after the whole ricky thing cause we are a better team than we showed last year. :)
I rhink we are a better tram than we showed last year.Having said that there are a lot of adjustments to be made and its too much to expect playoffs in this first year especially because of the tough division we play in.
Thats a tough question; we deffinatly have the tallent on both sides of the ball, I doubt anyone will argue that. The coaching staff remains unproven, to me anyway. It is way too early to tell in Linehans system will work with our personel. It is too early to tell if Hudson Houck can turn our dismal line into a serviceable one offseason. Do we even have a defensive coordinator. Tallent wise? Definatly, if we pick up not too bad strong saftey we have more than enough. Coaching, it remains to be seen but it is far from impossible
Anything is possible but it would take a lot of work and really quick developement for certain players to have success and lead this team to the playoffs or more.
Look at San Diego/from disaster to West title...and how about the Steelers, from 6 wins to 15 with a rook at QB!
Maybe....It'll be hard in the AFC this year though.

If we we're in the NFC, I believe our chances would be much improved.
We'll go as far as our Qb's can take us. Thats our biggest weakness right now. Everywhere else I see a pretty darn good football team. We're basucally the same team as in 03 minus wanny, jay, that awful OL, Surt and Ogun and having added Ronnie + this years draft, Frerotte, AJ, and more OL talent for Houck to mold + a much better coaching staff. I think we could do 10-6 or so if all the bounces fall right and our qbs play well but I think 8-8 or 9-7 is more likely
our schedule looks suspect...i think we can win majority of our games if we keep the scores close...we need to wins those close games like the good teams do..they know how to prediction 9-7
I doubt we can win our division but might be in the running for the last wildcard spot. All depends if we stay healthy and everything clicks.
Our number goal every year that we should try accomplishing is winning division. I think it's going to be a bit of a longshot but I think we have a legitimate chance. And for those who disagree, anything's possible. If we win division, we're guarenteed playoffs and AT LEAST one playoff game at home. :cooldude:
We have to take it one game at a time. With nick saban at the helm, and that first game at home, in the heat of SF, I think we can shock the broncos and win a lot of respect and self-confidence.(which was severely lacked, at least on Offense last year)

In short, i think that its all about a good start for this team as to wether or not we make the playoffs.
i like having a game at home to start things off and the december schedule looks rather pleasing. i see no reason why they can't compete
razorphin said:
Look at San Diego/from disaster to West title...and how about the Steelers, from 6 wins to 15 with a rook at QB!

Both of those teams had a cohesive, set coaching staff that had been in place for at least the previous season. We do not have that. On paper, talent-wise, yes, we look like a playoff contender... but in reality, it's all unproven.

Until the new era gets underway, we're not going to know. I think we are going to start off a little slow... struggle a bit... and by mid-season Nick will have this team running like a well-oiled machine. Kinda like the Jills last year. Started out slow, came on at the end, almost made the playoffs... but didn't. I can see that happening with us this year. Or, as someone else said, we could start off good and make a run. The first four games will tell all, IMO.
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