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Can You Feel It?


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Sep 7, 2001
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It's coming! The first of the two meetings that will crush you right down to your souls is imminent.

Forget confidence, records, or recent performances. You all know that doesn't mean anything in these games. The Jets-Dolphins matchups are impossible to predict no matter the shape of either team.

Here's to an injury free game. Well, physical injury, anyway. Someone is coming away with deep emotional scars.

P.S. -- I want Jason Taylor to cry again. Thanks!
Well if your 50 year old QB gets to tossing the ball a bit better, and you can give it to C.Martin more then 5 might actually get in range to score a field goal...maybe.
Forget confidence, records, or recent performances, Miami's record at home in September, the heat, humidity, coaching changes in Miami, Ricky Williams, Curtis Martin and his 11 yards rushing, Jets special teams accounting for the only bright spot in their play this season, Jets secondary depleted, Paul Hackett sucking ass, etc... Basically forget all the facts.

That is what Jet fans have to do to imagine that they have any chance in this game.
Originally posted by JetsOwnYou
You'll see a different Jets team this week. Be sure of that.

Well anything would be an improvement. Your Running game sucks, your pass defense really sucks, your QB sucks and all of your fans suck. So any change in that would be an upgrade.....or downgrade depending on how many times Vinny f*cks up.
We had Hackett last year - and the offense is supposed to gear itsle fto Martin again which shoul dmean 25-30 touches for him. This will be a good game. This Jets team will look different from the first 2 thy have played and it will be a good test to see where the phins are.
Banned? I'm not talking smack at all. I'm just excited for this game. It's the one that both Jets and Dolphins fans wait for each year.
Yea he shouldn't get banned for this....It's good to see a fan come in and talk up his team...the ? is will he be here next week after Sunday's game if they lose...with a an apology :-)
I know...I know.. I was just making a point... the thread started getting a little "smackish" and that's what they got their panties in a bunch at over at ganggreen....

I think it's great that we allow other people's opinions here!! :up:
we can't forget about turk!!!!! he is their second leading rusher this season...wanny needs to put a spy on him!
what out for turk -- we might come out and run the wishbone -- oh yeah baby -- can you see it -- VT rolling out with martin, jordan, or turk -- who do you cover? vinnie might tuck it and run or pull up and throw -- or does he tossit to martin with jordan throwing a block -- or if turk is in and his speed watch out for some fireworks -- or a punt!
oh yeah -- they better show up since i am travelling all the way down there! and when i say show up I mean just to the stadium for the game!
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