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Can You say QB Controversy??


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Jul 30, 2002
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i hate to bring this up..but Jay hasnt looked impressive at all while Lucas is moving the Offense with poise and consistency..Is there such a thing as a QB controversy or Wanny will stick to his guns..Personnaly i think Jay should play 2 quarters versus the Texans and before there's a change..BECAUSE IF HE CANT EVEN MAKE THE TEXANS LOOK BAD WELL RAY DESERVES A SHOT..this is totally irrevelant (wanny's decision not ours) but i want to see what the fans think...:confused:
There's potential there for some controversy. I'm a big Fiedler fan but if he doesn't step it up big time before the end of preseason, and Lucas keeps playing this way then this could be a full blow controversy. I'll give it some time though.
I dont think so Expo. DW just loves Jay. I dont think he would start Lucas over Jay. I hope I am wrong.
Lucas has taken most of the snaps through Bucs game.What you expect from Fiedler who hasn't had much practice..He needs to regain his timing with the receiers..Remeber before the surgery Fiedler by far was the best looking QB....There no controversy unless this carry on through regular season...Good thing we have nine days between now and the next game...
I`m also a Fiedler fan, but if he doesn`t find his rhythm, I`M gonna start the controversy!
Originally posted by dolphinators13
I hate when Fin fans make excuses for why Jay plays bad.

What Excuses? Is just the truth...I hate Fiedler bashers who use any opportunity to bash him..He didn't experience a pass rush until the bucs game and he was in there for short period.The team didn't practice and if you ever played QB at any level, You will know is all about timing...Hey I'm just saying wait for him to get more of feel of the speed of the game with practice and get back his timing...If this continues through out the preseason than I'll say we got something here..Keep it in mind that Lucas played most of his minutes agaisnt saint second unit and Bucs....
Really, I am telling all Fin Fans this. Like I said I will support Fiedler, but he will not have a good season. I will put money on it. It makes me mad when I know we have a shot at the SB, and we have a bad Qb. What's worse is we have a better back up QB, that should be starting but isnt.
I am not a Fiedler fan but he is the starter and will do well during the regular season. This kind of **** happens when you play on two days rest.
Im a fan of winning QB i dont care if it Jay, Ray or if we bring back Dan out of retirement. I Want A SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONSHIP.
He's up against Jay Fiedler, Thurmanator.

Anyone can win that battle.
LMAO! Either one is fine by me! Didn't Lucas get cut by the Jets? About the ONLY starting qb in the AFC East that Lucas could threaten for playing time is Fiedler. I've never really thought about it before, but I think Miami has one of the worst qb situations in the NFL - at least in the bottom 20% or so.
"He's up against Jay Fiedler, Thurmanator.

Anyone can win that battle."

Ouch and you guys are talking superbowl?
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