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Castillo/Corrales-Greatest Fight Ever?


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Sep 9, 2004
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Tonight I watched the greatest boxing match I have ever seen. Diego "Chico" Corrales fought Jose Luis Castillo in a lightweight title unification bout. Going in, there was no question about it that these were the 2 best fighters in the world at 135 right now. Corrales held the WBO and Castillo the IBF. They are both big time punchers and brawlers so this had the makings of a great one. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Oh my god. It was a brutal, brutal fight. Most of the fight took place on the inside and the fighters went back and forth, each connecting with serious flurries. By the 5th, I had no idea how these guys could keep fighting like this. They were both bloodied and beaten going into the 10th and the press row scorers had the fight even. Thirty seconds into the 10th Castillo caught Corrales on the chin, knocked his mothpiece out and dropped him, and it seemed to be over. Corrales got back up at 8 only to be dropped again by Castillo. Now it was surely over, right? Wrong. Corrales got back up at 9, lost his piece again (which cost a point deduction) and staggered over to his corner so that his trainer could put it back in. What happened next was unreal. Somehow, Diego managed just enough energy to start throwing punches again and unbelievably landed a left hook that dazed Castillo, who BTW has never been down in his fifty some odd fights. Corrales, closed eyes and all, saw that he had him rattled and got a sudden burst of energy and started punch away and landed about four more bombs on Castillo. Castillo staggered into the ropes and Diego finished him off, knocking him out cold on his feet. The ref jumped in and stopped the fight because Castillo wasn't protecting himself anymore. He has still never been dropped. But it was shocking. If you have ever liked boxing at any point in your life you must see this fight. Jim Gray (who is still a ********) pronounced it the greatest fight he's ever seen. Kudos to both of these warriors. They gave boxing a much needed shot in the arm. The squred circle is back baby!

Thank you to Chico, Castillo and to Showtime for airing it. UN FUGGIN REAL!!!!!
missed the first airing - got the replay on right now - cant wait ;)
d-day said:
missed the first airing - got the replay on right now - cant wait ;)

Sorry I probably shouldn't have given it away.
Martel said:
Sorry I probably shouldn't have given it away.

lol - i'll just smoke a fattie and forget all about your first post :wink:
it's on now bro - i'm psyched - goose bumps - remember ike quartey? the guy with the nasty jab? whatever happened to that guy?
we need an ongoing fight thread - too bad i'm the only one up - 2nd round what a late flurry by corrales - i love how castillo stays close and keeps this an inside fight - corrales arms so long - great fight so far!
Dude it gets better. I gotta run out for a bit but when I get back. We'll talk about it. Cool?
4th round - wow - castillo is one tough sob - he keeps taking low shots from corrales long arms - and some big time shots - yet he keeps inside and attacking
wow 6th round all castillo - ive got it 3-2-1 so far corrales
7th - holy **** - what a shot by corrales to close the round
I'm watching the replay. Damn this is a great fight!! Incredible.

Skipped the opening post. :)
ive got it a draw after the ninth 4-4-1 - here's come the 10th!
The most incredible round of boxing I've ever seen.
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