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Colour me Surprised

Josh got better with the fumbles and TOs over the course of 2023-2024


On Sportnet590 the Fan this afternoon

Now after the Bills lose to the Chiefs in the 2024 POs the Buffalo sports analysts are complaining on CDN Sports Radio in Toronto that when Dorsey was OC Josh’s passing stats were significantly Better then Brady came in as OC the QBs passing yardage took the proverbial nosedive

Buffalo sports radio hosts said that Josh’s passing totals have actually gone down yearly - but the clearest fall of Josh’s passing stats is under Joe Brady

Brady sacrificed his QB where Dorsey wouldn’t - Brady preferred to call the QB designed runs. And no coincidence the Bills won but those hits take a toll they certainly did against KC where Allen with an intact OLine WR1 and RB1 and TE1and2 didn’t move the Bills closer into FG range.

A 44 yard kick into that wind was no sure thing even MCdermott said the extra points were fading from the foot of Bass
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