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Damnit! Fiedler has surgery! (merged)

How the hell do you tear your hip?!?!?! You have to be like 60 years old to do that!! I'm glad he had it now instead of later!!
I don't think it will hurt HIM particularly, but I DO think it could hurt the TEAM, if this prolongs more than a couple weeks or so.

He seems to have grasped the new system, but due to the lack of time that most of our top WR's put in during the camps, this could set the timing back some.

This is critical to the team. He needs to be back just as soon as possible. They need to get everyone on the same page ASAP. This is a timing based-offense that depends on the QB and the WR being on the same page. No time for doubt.
This is the same surgery (alhtough opposite hip) he had his first year here, and if I remember correctly he was out only about a month. So, the timing of this is still not bad... I think at most he may miss the first week, maybe 2 of training camp. So, its not THAT bad... plus it will give many Dolphin fans their wish (to see how Lucas performs with the first team offense.)
better now than later, but why he did not have it a couple of weeks ago :confused: As long as he gets in to 2-3 preseasons game he s/b OK. It just may means he plays in PS games that he may have rested during
No big deal, I want to see Lucas for real. I am curious.
I am curious too, but with a new offensive playbook, I want Jay and the WRs to get as much time together as possible.
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Can't say I share those sentiments..I want the backup to be fully ready..this is an important year and I want our reserve as well as starters to be fully ready..I hope Jay recovers like he did last time..but while he's absent the backup needs to be playing like the starter..This offense don't need lapses, not this year.
I understand where your coming from about the backups, but we need our starting QB to get as much time as possible to avoid lapses.
Once Jay gets back I'm sure he'll be in over time mode in getting reps and timing with the WR's but now Lucas can catch up. I'm sure Jay was getting most of the reps in Mini camp, so I'm not so worry about him, he was learning a new O when he last went though this, and we went 11-5.
This came out of no where. I just hope he can go the last 2 weeks of TC to get on the same page with his WRs. We are lucky that are first game is more like the 5th preseason game, since we play the Lions. I can't say I haven't been curious how Ray would do with the 1st team. It will also do us good that our 2nd QB will get many reps incase Jay goes down later on. The other cool thing is we will get to see what we really have in Levcik.
There is one thing I just thought about.

Last year, Jay went through a real good strength program, and put on 15-20 pounds of muscle. It obviously showed when he never got injured even while taking some massive hits and you could tell his arm strength improved. Hopefully he is working again and HOPEFULLY this injury will not affect that aspect too much, because I think that is a big reason why he made the obvious jump in productivity from 2000 to 2001...that and having another year of experience helps.
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