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Dolphins Are Interested In Josh Evans...


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Jan 27, 2002
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Hello Everyone..... I am just hanging out these days...just waiting for the pads to come on.....I will be attending just about every morning practice...starting on July 25th.

The Jay Fiedler hip surgery was definately something of a the doubt about really caught a lot of people off guard. From what I heard....when JAY came back from New York...after finishing up---one of his latest editions of his own '"Jay Fiedler" Football camps.....he told head trainer Kevin O'neil about some lingering hip pain....and that lead to Fiedler getting an immediate MRI. The MRI then revealed to team doctors that arthroscopic surgery would probably be needed...for Fiedler...sooner or later. Well....the Dolphins just did not want to take any chances of having JAY go through training camp and then having more complications...concerning any more hip problem. Basically...its a tear in his left you know he had many of the same problems with the right hip...but from what I understand...this is totally unrelated. However...this injury really is not considered that much of a concern....not as severe as his first right side injury. But Jay is definately out for a couple of the first weeks of camp....will probably be held out of the contact scrimmages against the BUCS and TItans. Its really a major precautionary measure for the Dolphins....they were put in this position by the uncanny timing of Jay complaining of this new, recent--hip discomfort. The Dolphins just have to now see if the absence of JAY in the early goings of training camp....hurt the continuity and rhythm of the offense. With Norv's system still being installled on the to has to be nonetheless be deemed a ''setback". Now....its time for RAY LUCAS to show us all that he has the fire to step up and get the job Jay's absence. He has to make sure that the Dolphins offense gets off to a good start in the early going of training camp. Jay's injury also paves the way for the coaches to get more of a look-see in the battle for the third Qb spot.....meaning the likes of LEVCIK and KUSTOK. No doubt....FIEDLER IMO....has too much of a work schedule...the tournaments...charities....the guy has not rested his arm or legs...for that matter...since this last season has ended. That is just my opinion...but I just think the Dolphins should talk to FIEDLER about just taking it easy....and get some rest...particularly once the season is over with.

One other Dolphin news tidbit that caught me off guard was the fact that the Dolphins had DT JOSH EVANS in this past week for a physical. The former Panther DT...was kicked out of the league last season....but was reinstated for this season. There are many teams who are interested in signing this guy....and the JETS are offering the most money...from what I heard. However....the real news is on the fact that after just signing ROB are the Dolphins still tinkering with the DL. The obvious reason is that the Dolphins are definately concerned about the health of DARYL GARDNER....and DT LARRY CHESTER. CHESTER has been sow to recover from injury...and has not practiced that much. The Dolphins feel that he may not be ready to let it all out....when the pads come on later this month. This means that he could be setback on the depth chart as well. Jermaine Haley could push CHESTER for the starters job...if CHESTER does not get healthy in time.
The Dolphins definately sent a messege this past week with the pursuit of EVANS. They still have concerns with the DL...that is the bottom line. The Dolphins want EVANS to play for the NFL veteran minimum....and will probably lose out to the JETS or some other team for EVANS services.....but still.....there could be another Panther name let loose out there shortly....and its JAY WILLIAMS...another DLmen. He has not been released yet....but this is another guy the Dolphins are looking at. I guess you can never have enough good, healthy Defensive lineman....but still....after BURNETT.....I was surprised by the emergence of EVANS in camp this week.

Last and least of all.....the DOlphins will probably have DONAVAN GREER back in for another workout this week. Greer was the Plan B....if T-BUCK did not decide to take the Dolphins minimum offer...and obviously now...we are on that PLAN B....which is GREER. The DOlphins are still watching the waiver wire....and looking around for another CB.....all I know is that they would like to add somebody by the start of training there is still time. Hopefully...somebody more interesting than GREER could be released....and that is what the Dolphins are looking for. Right now....GREER looks to be the leader of what is left out there....which is pretty much...slim pickings.

Thats all for now...
I wonder if the attraction to Evans is so the Jets don't get him. DT is deffinitly the Jets biggest weakness, and if it remains that way is huge with the addition of RW.
FYI - Josh Evans played for the Titans. 7 years, 1 suspended.
This sucks. Chester and Fiedler not there for Bucs camps. I can't take it.
But I want to see Jay-to-Chambers!! :cry:
like the health concern on the left side of the OL, we all want to believe that DG and Chester will make a great starting duo on the left side of the DL. IF they cannot go 100%, then I can see some concern. Burnett and D Bo are a pretty good combo to workat LE, but w/o DG and Chester we need another DT for sure. I do not see us signing a Evans or Jay Williams (didn't the Bulls just sign him :goof: ) w/o cutting someone right ?
DCH thanks for the updates.......even though it's disappointing to hear that Chester is not healing well and now Jay has surgery.

Bottom line I believe that Jay will be fine and will play during the preseason but it's a set back for the Offensive rhythm (esp between him and the explosive Chambers!!!)

The FINS looking at Evans and Williams is a concern to me about the true health of Chester. I hope we didn't pay Chester a fat contract only to have him stand on the sideline as a cheerleader.
we're not in the pix in this article


In a bit of an about face the Tennessee Titans, who originally indicated they were not interested in re-signing defensive tackle Josh Evans, are in the hunt for the six-year veteran. Evans last week won his appeal of an indefinite suspension, for a repeat violation of the NFL substance abuse policy, and as an unrestricted free agent is cleared to sign with any team now. The New York Jets, who had offered him a four-year contract before Evans ran into off-field problems in March, remain the frontrunner for his services. The biggest problem for New York will be creating sufficient salary cap room for Evans. The Jets have less than $1 million in available cap funds.
Originally posted by Capt. Dick
How much money do we have left after the Burnett signing? I`ve been out of touch.
not 100% sure, but if you include the rookies, next to nothing.
Not sure on the whole cap thing but I thought we had about $1M left under the cap including the amount allocated to rookies. And the WanSpeil were leaving that money for injury settlements and the filling of spots hit by the injury bug
If we would just go ahead and release D. Gardener, we would have enough money to sign another solid DT....

SAM ADAMS would be my first choice.....

Originally posted by Dajesus
I wonder if the attraction to Evans is so the Jets don't get him. DT is deffinitly the Jets biggest weakness, and if it remains that way is huge with the addition of RW.

Never thought about that one :)

Actually I believe it all goes back to Wanny/Jimmy's beliefs of never having enough on the DL. Remember at one point we had Armstrong/Taylor/Owens/Bromell amongst others on at DE and all those boys have had 8+ sacks in the rotation. I think the Phins are trying to get back to that devestating rotating line we had back in the day only with the DT's instead of the DE's. Imagine Bowens/Chester being filled in by Burnett/Evans/Gardener. That could put major pressure on teams to double cover inside and leave the DE's one on one.

As for the Jay Williams bit I believe the phins see him as a replacement for Ogun more then anything else.

Originally posted by BLITZKRIEG
If we would just go ahead and release D. Gardener, we would have enough money to sign another solid DT....

SAM ADAMS would be my first choice.....

Releasing Gardener would actually leave us with less money. Gardener's accelerated cap hit would be larger then his salary this year. However next year things get a bit more interesting if Gardener slips up.
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