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Draft Day One. Who dya want?


May 16, 2006
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Round One. 9th overall - Alan Branch, DT, Michigan
Miami's interior defensive line is aging and an injection of youth is vital. Branch is the standout DT and is the elite prospect to propel the Phins defense forward for the future. Branch would be able to tie up the line and be able to stuff the run. If Branch is off the board, then Okoye would be the pick.

Round Two. 41st pick - Ryan Kalil, C, USC
The middle of the Miami offensive line is soft. Hadnot and McKinney arent the answer. Kalil's smarts and technique would be a good addition to the Phins offense.

Round Three. 71st pick - Earl Everett, OLB, Florida
Everett's selection here would be upgrading the LB spot next to Thomas and Crowder. Excellent athleticism and speed would bring fresh impetus to an aging defense.
that looks good to me...mine has us taking brady quinn or drew stanton and also a LT in the first three but you never know what will happen in FA so i like it if it happens
I would be very happy with Levi Brown,LT, Ryan Kalil, C (although I think he is gone by our second pick), and Earl Everett, LB. Although, all could be gone by the time we actually pick.

Levi goes to LT, Dielman (FA pickup) to LG, C is Kalil, RG Hadnot, and RT Carey. Young, homegrown (for the most part) talented o-line for Ronnie to run behind and Daunte to throw behind.

I would be a happy camper.
I like Branch, I think he would be a real good pick if he is still available. I like Kalil in the second even more, but once again, theres a good chance he will be gone. Everett is an alright pick in the third, but I would prefer to add the best offensive player available rather than a linebacker.
First Round is Ted Ginn Jr.

Second Round is Off Line

Third Round is Troy Smith
1st Brady Quinn/ Levi Brown/ Amobie Okoye

2nd Michael Griffen/ Sidney Rice

3rd Drew Stanton
Originally Posted by Vegas dolfan
First Round is Ted Ginn Jr.

Second Round is Off Line

Third Round is Troy Smith

OSU fan huh? :D

yes I am and I can dream lol
In my latest mock I have us with DT Alan Branch in the first, DE/OLB Quentin Moses in the second, & ILB David Harris in the third. It's gonna be real hard to watch Ted Ginn go by the board.
Round 1: Adrian Peterson, if hes still there, if not gaines adams from clemson
Round 2: Brandon Merriweather
Round 3: Anthony Gonzalez

Great late round sleeper: Ryan Moore. Everyone thought he would be a stud after his freshman year but hes had problems. Hes big enough that he could play tight end too.
1. Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame
2. Zach Miller, TE, Arizona State
3. Mason Crosby, K, Univ. of Colorado (so long Olindo!!!!)
4-7th BPA
1st- Ted Ginn(WR) or Brady Quinn(QB)

2nd- Justin Blalock(OL)

3rd- Drew Stanton(QB) or DB

*- If we do not get brady quinn we will get stanton in the third
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