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Fanduel's view of Miami as a trade destination IF Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston


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May 12, 2005
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You do realize that other than Tannehill, Henry, and Brown, the Titans were actually not a very good team this year, right?
Vrabel is a good coach and the Titans have offensive talent. The titans defense is horrible, but offense is good so they were still a good team despite that flaw. The offense weighed it out. We've seen teams win because they could score despite lacking defensively. Tannehill's better for Tennessee, but my point is henry is really good and Brown is a beast. Sounds like your trying to imply Tannehill is more than he is. He's not franchise qb like what ones who are, that are able to carry a team without strong help elsewhere. He compliments nicely with the offense running through henry.


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Aug 30, 2004
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We have already been down the road of having the best QB and we never won a SB.

This is by far one of the most naive and ignorant statements I’ve read in some time.

So, because MIA never surrounded Marino with enough talent or defense to win a SB somehow equates to giving up on obtaining one of the best QB’s??? Brilliant logic.

That “road” you talk being down already led to a SB appearance and several Conference Championship appearances too. Something that’s not come close to happening in MIA since.

There’s never a guarantee that having the best QB around is going to result in winning anything. But it sure drastically increases the odds. And allows more margin for error.

Get a bonafide star QB, surround him with some decent talent and back that up with a capable defense then see what happens. KC sure can tell you. So can SEA. And pretty much 90%+ of every team that’s ever won a SB title.

Someone better tell JAX not to draft Trevor Lawrence because @Dolphins81 says that road doesn’t work so well. LMFAO.
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