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Fins Offseason FAQ


Aug 30, 2004
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Arlington, VA
Since there has been an ABUNDANCE of questions during the offseason that have been asked, I have compiled a list of the "sillier" ones into a simple FAQ. Since there have been so many over the last month, I have lost track of all the posts that made me roll my eyes. If I forgot any, please add to the offseason FAQ. :lol:

Here for your reading pleasure, are the worst ideas of this offseason for the fins so far:

1) Was drafting Ronnie Brown a good idea if Wicky comes back? Should we try to trade Ronnie now that Ricky is back?

-Yes. We TRIED to trade down but we didnt have any partners. Saban even said he preferred to trade down but he couldnt. Therefore we took BPA at a position of need. There is NO WAY IN HELL we try to trade Ronnie Brown. Teams only get the #2 pick in the draft once every 10 years... for us, its been A LOT longer. You dont depend on a guy who just quit to smoke pot last year who has been out of the league for a year. Ronnie is younger and would have more years to play over Ricky, plus Ronnie isnt a headcase. You play Ricky for 1-2 years if he comes back and then you try to trade him. Worst case is we have 2 1000 yard RBs in the backfield.

2) Can we move Zach Thomas to SS?

-No. Zach is horrible in coverage and slow. Although he is great in run support, moving him to SS would be a horrible move. Teams would just run 4 wide sets on us and abuse him at SS. Horrible idea. Go kick yourself.

3) Buffalo should trade Henry for TO... //Ricky in...Ricky out for TO

-Again, please go kick yourself. The eagles NEED a #2 WR. They are not going to trade TO for a player who might be cut. Buffalo also doesnt need TO. Buffalo is 4 deep at WR and dont need a problematic guy in the mix. Same applies to the fins. We are 2 million under the salary cap and need a DT and CB.... where you gonna find that 7 million a year for TO? Also, the Eagles dont want to trade a problem for another problem WHEN THEY HAVE A SHORTAGE AT WR!

4) Can we move Boston to TE?

-No. There is more to TE than being a bigger guy and catching the ball. Boston would have to block on pass protection and running plays. Where in your right mind do you think he has done this in the NFL. Also the TE is a more physically demanding position than WR and Boston has proven to be fragile over the past years because.... bad combination. Boston slimmed down to 228 lbs, he is undersized for a TE and if we use him out of the slot, that already causes mismatches.... no need to move him to TE.

5) StClair was our best lineman last year, can he move to LT?

-No. Just cause he was our best lineman doesnt mean squat. You cant pick lineman and play them anywhere. StClair doesnt have the footwork to play LT and I wouldnt be suprised if he was cut if he gets beat out for RT. No need paying a 1.2 million backup RT. If John StClair is our starting LT next year, then we have a serious problem in the LT department.

6) We should sign Ty Law// We should sign Law and have him play FS.

-Please again, go kick yourself. Although we have a hole at FS, Ty Law isnt the answer. When healthy, Law is still a top 5 CB in the NFL and wants to play that position and get paaaaaaaaid. We are not paying a FS 4-5 million a year. Thats ridiculous. Also, we just traded PS, a healthy top 5 CB in the NFL to free up cap space, why the heck would we sign Ty Law, who is an INJURED top 5 CB to take up the cap space we created by moving Surtain. Thats counter-productive.

7) We should sign T-Buck and have him be our #2 CB

-No. T-Buck is a #4 Cb IF THAT. There is a reason we cut him 2 years ago and he is a free agent still this year. He is old and plays an out dated style of coverage. You can not get away with the physical style he played anymore. Plus he was a horrible tackler and has lost a step. He is a pass interference call waiting to happen. t-Buck is an all or nothing player. He goes for the big play, but then he gives up the big play. you dont want that type of guy as your nickel or #2 CB....

8) We should cut Reggie Howard.

-One of my favorite posts. Reggie is the best "zone" Cb we have on the team and the best tackler. Madison is more of a man to man CB and Poole isnt an ideal zone guy. Reggie is the best fit at zone that has actually played a game in the NFL. Also, we are -1 at CB and we are slightly under the salary cap. I dont think we want Reggie's 3.75 million in dead cap sitting there and going -2 in CBs this year. Even though he stunk last year, he was playing nickel and was out of position. A zone style CB playing man to man is like Jerome Bettis in the "run and shoot" offense.... its just not a good fit.

9) If we went after Troy Brown, he would play CB / could we sign a WR to play CB.

-Again, the NFL isnt like leggos. You cant plug and play people into positions. Theres a reason you dont see the WR/CB style player you do in college in the NFL. And thats NFL schemes are MUCH more complicated than in college ball. The Charles Woodson's in college choose either WR or CB when they come to the NFL not because they dont have the physical ability to play WR or CB, but because they dont have the practice time to play both positions and the time to learn both offensive and defensive playbooks. Plus when you are paying a player that much, him playing 2 positions tires him out quicker and gives you a higher chance he can get hurt. Its cool in college because it shows your athleticism, but to play both ways in the NFL is near impossible. On a rarity you will see guest appearances by defensive players playing TE or FB in some goaline formations or a WR playing CB because the team is depleted. Usually special scenarios or injuries are the only reasons these changes would occur. Signing a player like Troy Brown when we have a hole at WR and at CB and expecting him to play both positions is ridiculous.

10) We should trade/cut Marty Booker... (thanks agua)

-No. Marty is the posession type #2 WR that teams need. You cant have 3 deep threats on your team. You need variety and different types of WRs. Marty also at 2.9 million IMO is a very good salary. Why would you cut him? Of course he had problems when he first came here, his family was in Chicago and he liked it there. How would you like it if I took you from your work/school/home/family and stuck you across america for another 4 years. You wouldnt be too happy about it either. Marty Booker is the most consistant WR we have on the team and is a very very solid #2 WR. There is no way we trade him and he is an excellent compliment to Chambers and Boston.

11) What about Jerry Rice (pre Boston signing post)?

-No. Go kick yourself again....... and again. We need to get younger, not older. Jerry Rice would only be signed to be a #4 Wr who would lead by example. We dont have a team of rookies who need to learn. Rice isnt going to help develop Booker, Boston, and Chambers and frankly would NOT be an improvement over Thompson. Jerry Rice would be suited for a place like Detroit, where they have very young receivers and could use a vet in the #4 spot. If he doesnt go to a team like that, the next best place is his couch at home with his family. We learned our lesson with the Cris Carter a few years ago....

12) Bobby Taylor was released, should we pick him up.... he would make a good FS?

:smackhead: Again, we had a TOP 3 CB in the NFL and we traded him because of his salary. Why would we want a top 10 CB in the NFL who has bad knees, is aging, and overpaid? .....Bobby is older than Pat and has more injuries than Pat and isnt as good as Pat, so why would we trade Pat and sign Bobby? I love the "if he came here for cheap" argument. Miami's a great city, but if I am a player I want to get PAAAAAAID. Not everyone in the NFL will play in Miami for the vet minimum..... which is a theory many on this board seem to subscribe to. Also, players with bad knees generally dont made great FS, especially when they have never played the position ever. :lol:


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Jun 22, 2004
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Northern NJ
Awesome post!!! They are some really dumb ideas! It reminds me of this poster:



Where do these stairs go?
Feb 3, 2002
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North Jersey
Philter25 said:
Man I cant believe I forgot that one.... :lol:
and I thought it would all end after Surtain got traded...btw, why can't we trade Sam Madison again? great post Philter


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Mar 3, 2005
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TO for Henry is a product of some fools pipe dream. However Henry would never be cut.

He's way to cheap, any backup we'd sign would be just as pricy and no where near the talent.

Also Donahoe not trading Henry for Shelton straight up is looking pretty smart now.


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Sep 7, 2003
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Losman7 said:
Also Donahoe not trading Henry for Shelton straight up is looking pretty smart now.
Maybe for now. However, it could come back and bite ya in the butt too. If he holds out and becomes a cancer in that locker room, you would have to cut him and lose him for nothing.

I still think Donahoe should take feelers find out the most you will get for him and dump him. Most of the teams that needed a RB found one. So the whole supply and demand formula is not in your favor.
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