Gruden Signs With Tampa Bay


Jan 26, 2002
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Originally posted by Muck
That's right. The Bucs have signed Oakland HC Jon Gruden to a five year contract. Just heard it on our local NBC station here in Tampa. Details to come.
The Bucs have turned into one of the most sorriest soap operas of the decade,,while I do have alot of respect for Gruden and totally dispise A-Davis, the Raiders have taken the Tampa's owners (Glacier boys ) to school in this deal !! Those draft picks are more compensation then what A-D would have recieved after next season with Gruden stating he would leave. Yes they will lose one of the best young coaches in the league but the Raiders are getting long in the tooth with a long list of holes that will need to be filled after this season. Even if the Gruden to Bucs deal wouldn't have been struck, I seriously doubt that anyone could count the Raiders in the S-B hunt.. Marino1983;)
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