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How Many Fins Games Do You Attend a Year?

How Many Fin Games Do You Attend a Year?

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    Votes: 35 33.0%
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    Votes: 51 48.1%
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    Votes: 7 6.6%
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Jimi said:
Im 3-0.

Only game last year was the NE game(man was tht exciting). My parents(Bucs fans) tried to drag me out thinking the game was over, but luckily i stayed.

I also saw them beat the Colts and Steelers when I was younger.

Next year im goin to the one in Ray Jay, and one in MIA.

3 games average over the past 10 years.
Only been to one game. It was against San Diego on Monday night when they moved the game to Tempe AZ. But I will be going to the Fins game when they come to AZ in 2008 to face the cardinals.
I live in Colorado so I went to see the Fins play the Broncos in Colorado last December (froze my *** of and we lost) :shakeno: , but I was at the game that we beat the Broncos on a last second Olindo Mare kick a couple years ago...I try to watch all the Dolphins game on the dish or at a Dolphins bar here (we have about 60 Colorado Fins fan that always show up!!!). :)
I voted none. I have Sunday Ticket but, this year I am going to 2 games the one in Raidertown and the one at Chargers. Can't wait till the 13th to know when we're going play them and get my flight arrangement down for the game up North. I'll be driving to San Diego with my best freind Jeff to watch that game.

Sounds like my plan maybe we can all tail-gate!!!?
Finfan86 said:
How many fin fans are at like a game in NY or NE? i kno like at the fins games down here theres like 1/3 NY or NE if not more

I'm at every game when the Fins make the trip to the razor (Gillette). Been going for as long as I can remember. I've also been to Miami once. I made the trip down for the Monday Night game this year against the Pats. Amazing.. :D

Usually there are quite a few Dolfans for games up here in New England. However, this year when we got off to the poor start, not too many showed. I think there was only one other Dolfan in my section.
only if they play the k.c. chiefs or denver broncos .then i get beer thrown on my at the game.. it gets cold thier in denver when you wet with beer on you....
16 games Footballer? That is very impressive....I wish I had the resources!

I get to 1-2 a year. At buffalo and usually one home game...
one a year. went to the one at St. Louise a couple year ago a long ride home. also went to Cinnattie in the new stadium it nice they have a TV that goes one side of the field to the other side, has three pictures and stats at the same time nice. ben to indy their dome sucks, bleacher real flat, feel like your a mile away. made the trip to Miami cuple times. once to Tennisee. Its fun going to diffrent stadiums
2 a year for me which is hard enough living in canada, 7 years straight for the bills/fins, and i make it dowm to miami once a year, have seen us beat the sb bound raiders three years ago, lose to the eagles on mon night two years ago and my favorite game of all time, us beating the pats last year!
My goal every year is to get down to Miami twice a season, preferably in the beginning and end. If they play anywhere close to me in Virginia, I always look into ticket pricing to see if I'm able to go
I live in Central NJ but I try for 1 game a year. ( Without looking at the schedule, I am bad with dates)
Last year was at Seattle
Year before at the Giants game then the next week at Jacsonville.
I have seen them all over: not in any order.
Orange Bowl,
Joe Robbie in 87 ( The game against the Jets when Marty Lyons ended Dwight Stevensons career).
Shea, The old richard Todd /Matt Ryan days
Giants Stadium.
NE a few times, But not the new Stadiam.
Philly ( When Shula Broke the record)
Baltimore, but at old memorial stadium.
Dallas on Thanksgiving (the Leon Lett Snow Game)
Washington ( Marino's last Regular season game)
New Orleans, the last 2 times they played there.

This year.. I will decide when the dates are released. Most likely Arizonia or New Orleans again. Or mayne back to Miami.
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