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Is The Sam Adams Rumor True???


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Nov 18, 2001
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Are the DOLPHINS interested in SAM ADAMS and are they really pursueing him??? I SURE HOPE SO!! Because I am not sold on LARRY CHESTER YET!!!INJURIES!! INJURIES!!! INJURIES!!! Please tell me this is true!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:
Where did you get this info from??

In TRAINING CAMP REPORTS!!! CKPARROTHEAD mentioned something about the DOLPHINS contacting SAM ADAMS??? CHECK IT OUT!!! IS IT TRUE??? I HOPE SO!!!;)
Wasn't me that mentioned it. JBrown had the blurb in his training camp report. Its really obscure in all that writing though and its in a section that my eyes for some reason tend to skip over and I just barely caught it when i was posting something else.

Man I hope its true. I mean I know it would really bend Larry Chester's nose a bit but still dude you really can't argue with a defensive line rotation that includes Sam Adams, Tim Bowens, Larry Chester, Jason Taylor, Rob Burnett, Jay Williams, and the up and comers David Bowens and Adewale Ogunleye.

Run game???? Where?!? Who said that? Ain't gonna be NO run game over here.
And if James Atkins is as impressive as they say from eye witness reports...I'd be all for cutting Ernest Grant in favor of him. I've never been a fan of Grant and liked Gregory way more but unfortunatly Gregory had a real authority problem and screwed up his time.

I agree, That rotation would be STOUT!!! I sure hope there is some VALIDITY to that report!! When DG was out the PHINS RUN D became very POROUS and LARRY CHESTER hasn't proven yet to be the answer!!! With his injuries!
I tend to be a believer in Chester however the injury does scare me WHERE THIS SEASON IS CONCERNED. I don't know if he'll be back 100% by the time the season starts and I don't want any nagging injuries preventing him from using his leverage properly. We could really use the injury as an excuse and just say that we really thought he'd be fully back from it by now so we signed Sam Adams to a 1 year deal in Miami...

And once we get him to Miami ya never know he might like it here (a lot of NFL players do) and we might convince him to re-up with us at the end of the season then we can cut Tim Bowens.
Yes it's true. Sam Adams is brewed in the US of A!!
I got the Sam Adams rumor from a source at the Sun-Sentinel. I would rather not say who.


With your connection to the SUN-SENTINAL in mind!!SO answer this JB?? What are our odds of getting him(SAM) in a DOLPHIN UNI???
Thank you thank you thank you JBROWN!

You're like a god in my eyes now. DCH who?

Man when I originally posted about how much the Dolphins are saving up underneath the cap and how it could be enough to sign Sam Adams I never dreamed the Phins would actually throw some interest his way. I even argued before we released DG that if we released DG we could save enough money to sign Sam Adams and I got scoffed at.

So on many different levels I hope the phins sign Sam Adams heheh..
Originally posted by JBrownTCReports
I got the Sam Adams rumor from a source at the Sun-Sentinel. I would rather not say who.


It's more than just a rumor, he has been on the radar screen ever since they were thinking of cutting DG.

There are a few that post here that know I've been saying this for a while now.

But they're willing to go right down to the wire with Adams, hoping that he wants to come to a legit contender for far less than he is asking.

I think Seattle has that edge over Miami, and he would not mind going back to the Ravens.
Phinmaster no one truly knows the odds of him signing. The only way we will know is when they report teh signing. All I know is they have an interest in signing him.

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