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Jay Signs 5 Year Deal, Wanny Gets....


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Sep 3, 2001
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An Extenstion of his contract.

This from the official site...

February 13, 2002
The Miami Dolphins today signed Head Coach Dave Wannstedt to a one-year contract extension through the 2004 season. The Dolphins today also re-signed quarterback Jay Fiedler to a five-year contract through the 2006 season. You can watch the Jay Feidler press conference starting at 2:30 PM (ET). Real Player required.
I wonder what this means for Cade McKnown. It doesn't appear now that he will get a good look in camp with Fiedler being signed for five years.

Maybe now Lucas will be looking elsewhere, especially if we draft a QB.
I just gave you a reply to the same question of the Talk board.

Cade is as good as gone. Wanny has had not one good or glowing thing to say about him this whole offseason.

We will not be drafting a QB with early picks for anytime in the near future. that is for sure with the confidence they are showing in signing Jay to this long term deal.

8:06 PT: ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli reports the Miami Dolphins have reached an agreement on a five-year deal with QB Jay Fiedler. Details of the deal aren't available yet, but it's expected to be in the $25 million range
Man,oh man, oh man, there are going to be some pissed off people around here today. You mods better keep an eye on the language!:D
The rest of us will just sit back and hope Jay comes through. Congratulations to Fiedler. Now go out there and earn your money ,boy!
funny thing inFin I think there are more than the avg. # of Fiedler supporters on this board. Out there in the world of ignorant dolphans are lots and lots of Fiedler bashers. :)

P.S. I am not saying you are ignorant if you do not like Jay, just that there are some out there that are :D
Like I said before..............

I didn't mind if we resigned Jay as long as it wasn't for 5 MILLION A YEAR!!!!!!! Excuse me while go take my ak-47 and mow down Dave and Rick Spielman!:yell: :fire:
To add to my previous post.............

What are Dave and Rick thinking giving Jay million a year? I guarantee you that if they allowed Jay and his moronic agent to test the free agent market, not one team would have offered him more than 3 million a year and yet Dave and Rick fork over 5 million to a quarterback who just threw 19 int's in one SEASON!:yell: I'm sorry, but this really pisses me OFF!!:fire: I think it's a crock of ****!:yell:

:monkey: Dave and Rick's decision to give Jay "I love to throw int's" Fiedler
Here's the scoop...


Quarterback Jay Fiedler decided against testing the free-agent market and instead signed a five-year, $24.5 million contract to remain with the Miami Dolphins.

His contract includes a $4 million signing bonus. He'll makes the NFL veteran minimum of $525,000 in 2002 and could make another $500,000 in incentives. In first 14 months of the deal, Fiedler could earn $7 million in bonuses.

The Dolphins have an option for the fifth year that must be exercised after 2003 season.

that sounds like a great deal for both parties. Jay's bonus will prorated at 800K a year for 5 years and he will only count another 525K ag. the cap after that. :cooldude:
press conference

The NFL site noted that the press conference is to be at 3:30 ET today.... I will still check at 2:30 just in case.... (an hour earlier for me.

Wonder if ESPNN will have it on.... they show alot of conferences......
Re: Here's the scoop...

Originally posted by dolphan39

that sounds like a great deal for both parties. Jay's bonus will prorated at 800K a year for 5 years and he will only count another 525K ag. the cap after that. :cooldude:
that is a very good title for this post, "here's ths scoop". i'll admit jay is probably the best option right now with the cap situation, but 5 mil a year, come on, you and i both know he ain't worth that!

since this is a dolphin board, maybe i should hit AJ for a raise, this being moderator is gonna be tough, he can get the money from dave and rick, they seem to love giving money away!

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