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Lemon predicted stats for Sunday !

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Dec 16, 2004
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I say with a week of prepartion by Indy's sparse defense Lemon scorches the defense 14-29 for 143 yards and 3 picks. However, Brown will have a terrible game 21- 133 1 td.
you say he will scorch there D but throw 3 picks?...and brown having a terrible game with 21 carries for 133 and 1 td?...i think thats a nice game
Um..if he throws for 143 yards with our offense..then we have found our QB. Its the system that sucks not the components! The offense is a bunch of MULARKY!!!:tantrum: :fire:
i would love to see them activate Vick for this game as the backup and deactivate Joey. And maybe play Vick as a Decoy throughout the game. But Sabans a tightA** and will not do that more than once.
Yea..I am flying to Indy for the game and I hope there is trick plays or whatever it takes for us to score points and hopefully Peyton can play, so I can see him on his @$$!!! I will be sure to say BYE BYE to MULARKY also!!!
I'm much more interested in Brown's stats. For Lemon, it's all about game management and playing smart for this game. But, I hope that Brown has at least 25-carries. If he does that, then I think we win.
I have a feeling Peyton is going to get the score high and force us to pass. If that happens we become one dimensional on offense (passing) and that makes any defense good.

QB stats generally come out poor. Cleo may get a lot of yards, but ints as well.

Also Indy wants a first round bye.
Given he's thrown 3 interceptions in 3 quarters of football already that we're dropped, I will predict 1 interception per quarter as long as it's not raining :D

Honestly I hope he does as well as some of you think he's going to do, I just don't think it's going to happen.
About 120yds. a couple of picks. no TDs....thats if Saban leaves him in the whole game.

I just dont see as much potential in this kid as most of you see.
Still...his mobility makes him a better option than Harrington against Indy's speedy passrushers.
The only thing I wanna see Lemon do this week is hand that dang ball to Ronnie Brown or Sammi Morris. I hope he doesn't throw 10 passes.
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